Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bluestone Wales - Day Three: Folly Farm's Vintage Funfair

I told you i'd need a separate post for this, didn't I?! During our day at Folly Farm, we spent much of it inside the Europe's largest undercover vintage funfair. Here you'll find the most immense collection of fully working rides and stalls lovingly restored for the enjoyment of visitors to the park. 

I was in awe of everything and I could easily have spent the entire day in there. Traditional waltzers, dodgems, galloping horses, the creepiest laughing clown (clowns are literally one of my favourite things ever), dancing wooden puppets, wutlitzer organ, and many, many more beautiful attractions. 

All of these are fully working too which is just incredible! 

I really have no words, I was just amazed. I'll leave you with a bunch of my favourite photographs from our time there....


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