Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bluestone Wales - Day Three: Folly Farm

On Tuesday we woke up to glorious sunshine and so we chose this day to head out to nearby Folly Farm which is only about 10 minutes drive from the Bluestone resort. I haven't been there since I was little but I had very fond memories of the pat-a-pet sessions and the various playgrounds so I was really keen to take Miss E for her first trip to see what she thought of it!

Don't be fooled by the name, Folly Farm is not really a farm at all. It has everything from your traditional farm to a full zoo with lions, zebras, penguins and giraffes. It is also home to the most incredible vintage funfair (my goodness, I was in heaven..... I might need to write a separate post about it!), heaps of playgrounds, indoor soft play and really good visitor facilities.

Folly Farm is so amazingly child friendly. We pretty much let Miss E decided where she wanted to go during our time there and so we spent quite a bit of time in the 'Jolly Barn' as this seemed to be her favourite area! Here you'll find lots of ridiculously cute animals including baby goats, ponies, guinea pigs, sheep, ferrets, mice and chickens. 
There is also an indoor farm themed play area (lots of interactive bits, buttons to press and educational stuff!) and the entrance to the underpass which will take to across the road to the other half of the farm. 

There are various interactive sessions throughout the day in the barn and Miss E loved stroking guinea pigs and meeting a tiny little goat.

There are plenty of places to have lunch but as we visited 'out of season', not all of these were open. We headed into the indoor vintage funfair and settled upon a cafe serving hot dogs (because I always get really, really bad holiday cravings for hot dogs!). Miss E had a cute little lunch box which was about £4.50 (I think?!) and included a sandwich, drink, crisps, yogurt, etc. We thought that it was very good value for money and the cafe really catered well for young children. We sat next to the soft play area so Miss E could have a play whilst we finished our lunch.

We lost count of how many playgrounds there were in Folly Farm. Everywhere you looked there was something for kids to play on, whether it was a Welsh dragon themed playground, huge pirate ship or good old sand, buckets and spades.

We absolutely loved our day at Folly Farm and we were excited to see that whilst we were there they were busy at work expanding the park to fit even more amazing stuff in!

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