Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bluestone Wales - Day One

Last week we were invited to spend five days at Bluestone national park resort in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We've never really been on holiday in March before so I was a little apprehensive about the weather (predictably the rain poured down for all but one and a half days of our trip!) but we had an absolutely amazing time overall.

I'm going split these posts into a day by day diary as we managed to fit in quite a lot during our stay. I'd love to share our experience with those who might be planning a trip to Bluestone in the future! 

Day One

Our holiday started a day early as Pembrokeshire is quite a long drive away from us (300 miles!). Roads are much more quiet on a Sunday and so we decided to book a hotel in the nearby seaside town of Tenby before our Monday to Friday Bluestone break began.

We set off about 5:30am and with just a couple of motorway service breaks we arrived in Tenby just before lunchtime. The weather was glorious that afternoon so we grabbed a bit of food and headed straight for the beach. 

Miss E only started walking confidently just after Christmas so this was her first 'proper' time on a beach and oh my, she just loved it! She adored exploring her new surroundings, digging her hands into the sand and watching us make miniature sandcastles for her to knock down. It was a great way for her to burn off all that energy after sitting in the car all morning. 

She was pretty tired after a couple of hours on the beach so she napped in the pram afterwards whilst we had a potter around Tenby. It's been something crazy like ten whole years since we were last there and it hasn't changed a bit. An abundance of quaint shops, beautiful beaches, colourful buildings and lovely places to eat everywhere you look.

Later on, we checked into our hotel. We decided to stay at the brand new Premier Inn which is located right in Tenby town centre. The hotel has only been open a few weeks but it was hands down the best Premier Inn we have ever stayed at. The location was amazing, the staff were super friendly, the room was spacious and clean and the bed was ridiculously comfy (which made the fact that Miss E only slept 3 hours that night even more unbearable, haha!). 

As the weather was so lovely in the evening, we decided not to dine in any of the local restaurants and instead we opted for fresh fish and chips which we ate whilst watching the sun go down with the most breathtaking view of the sea. A lovely way to end our first day!


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  1. Looks great! I can't wait to get back to north Pembrokeshire in a few week's time. NOT looking forward to that drive though.... nearly 7 hours...gah. Worth it when you get there though!