Friday, 20 March 2015

Bluestone Wales - Day Four

On Wednesday we awoke to the sound of heavy rain on the roof of the lodge. We weren't too bothered though as we had booked a 'messy play' session at the Adventure Centre for Miss E that morning so we would be inside anyway. 

We headed up to the Adventure Centre in our golf buggy and got there just before the session started at 10am. The theme of our chosen session was 'space rangers', but there are lots of different themes throughout the week so it's easy to find an appealing session at a suitable time for your little one.

Inside the room was five tables of messy fun. Aprons are provided if you need them but we came with our own long sleeved apron and dressed Miss E in some old clothes before we went in. In addition to the messy tables, the instructor was also making balloon animals which Miss E really loved playing with! 
We all got super messy and it was really good fun. My only complaint is that the room was very crowded, hot and chaotic. Miss E got quite overwhelmed by the noise and so we had to take her back to the lodge after just 20 minutes to get her cleaned up so she could have a rest! 

When we were all cleaned up, we headed back to the Adventure Centre for a bit of lunch. Upstairs you'll find the Wildwood Cafe which is basically the Bluestone version of Rainforest Cafe; lots of twinkly lights, dark woodland setting and plenty for kids to look at! 

We really enjoyed our lunch here and found it very reasonably priced. We had baguettes which were served with crisps and salad and we all shared a portion of chips. 

Afterwards we headed to the circus room which you'll also find upstairs in the Adventure Centre. The circus room is a peaceful little haven for small children and we really enjoyed our time in there. There was lots for Miss E to play with and the room was large enough for her to have a good run around. There are plenty of sofas around the edge of the room so it's also a good place for parents to relax a bit! 

In the afternoon, we all went back to the lodge so Miss E could have a nap before heading out for an early tea. We chose to dine at the Knights Tafarn which is situated in the village and is super easy to find. 
The Knights Tafarn is your county inn style eatery serving regular pub meals and local beers. Service was quick and the food was really good. I opted for the chicken balti whilst Ben had the trio of Preseli gold sausages served with creamy mash, green beans and seasonal chutney. Miss E had a bowl of penne pasta bolognese though she refused to actually try any of it! Ben said it was good though! 
Miss E was quite grumpy so we didn't manage to order any dessert which is a shame because I really had my heart set on sticky toffee pudding and ice cream!

After our meal we discovered the treetops adventure playground which is just above the village. It's great for small children and Miss E enjoyed spending time on the slide and dipping her wellies into the stream. We played there until it began to go dark before heading back to our lodge for the evening.


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