Saturday, 7 February 2015

Happy 16 Months!

My goodness, here we are at 16 months already! I've pretty much written January off, it was a tough month plagued by flu bugs and Miss E's first sickness bug which have completely wiped us out. Let's hope the coming month brings sunshine, good health, more sleep and a happier days again!

Here's a little 'Emlia update' on some main things during the last few weeks....

Sleep - All is can say is naps? What naps! Miss E is currently going through a phase of refusing naps/sleep/rest wherever possible. It's lead to more grumpy days than I care to count and me counting down the seconds until daddy gets home from work each day! It's exhausting..... please tell me that it's a phase and it will pass soon!
On a plus note, she's taken really well to her new pillow and duvet. I was worried about using a duvet because she's really super active in her sleep but I think she likes how cosy she can get, especially as it is so cold at the moment!

Doing - Miss E no longer crawls and walks everywhere now. Walking is her absolute favourite thing and when we go out she insists on walking until she gets tired.... only then will she consider going in the pram for a rest!
She's a very, very active little girl and is constantly exploring her surroundings. She doesn't like to stay put anywhere for more than a few seconds so car journeys and cafe highchairs are becoming seemingly impossible for the moment!
Another favourite this month is music and dancing. She very visibly has her favourite songs and gets straight up for a dance whenever she hears them, whether it's Mister Maker's shape dance or Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass"!

Saying - Miss E seems to have one word (phrase?) this month and that is 'UH OH!'. She's pretty much obsessed with saying it at the moment, even when we say good morning to her she replies with an 'uh oh!'. No other new words though she is constantly vocal, keen to tell us everything that is going on around her in her own special language! 

Eating - Miss E's favourite foods this month are simple things like tinned spaghetti, toast, crumpets, peas, sweetcorn, bananas and strawberries. With her being poorly we've leaned towards sticking to her favourites rather than trying new things to keep it simple and stress free!  

Likes - reading books with us (she LOVES Mr Men and anything with textured pages or flaps!), organising her toys, watching Sofia the First every evening, cuddles, stroking the dog, emptying cupboards, making music with her xylophone, sticker books, slides, soft play, going to the park, watching birds and cats in our garden, throwing/kicking balls and playing in the snow!

Dislikes - Miss E currently hates us trying to assist her in any way, she's incredibly independent and loves trying to do everything herself! As with previous months, this is a bit of a nightmare when we go out. If we try and direct her or try to hold her hand in public to show her the way then she's very much in favour of throwing herself on the floor and screaming! Other than that though, she has been very good!

Happy 16 months, my princess!


  1. There are phases and there are phase, some you notice and some you don't. She is a real cutie.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. What an adorable little joy! She's grown oh so quickly, I remember when she was born! It's good to hear kids are still enjoying Mr Men. I can imagine Beatrix Potter is next to conquer! x x x

  3. She's certainly a cutie and I love when they start to get their own minds and become so independent.

    Victoria x