Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy 15 Months!

I almost forgot to write this update as we all seem to be a bit poorly at the moment! Miss E and I have a terrible flu bug and Elsie had an operation at the beginning of the week so she's currently recovering too.... Ben seems to be the only one to have escaped any illness so far!

Miss E turns 15 months old today. She's had a super fun month which has included Christmas celebrations, plenty of birthday parties, lots of cake and heaps of new toys to play with! We've had a very cuddly month, I love that she's so very affectionate with everyone she meets. Her cuddles and kisses are just the best!

Here's a little update on some of the main things during the past few weeks....

Sleep - Still good! We're still aiming for a 7:30pm bedtime though most nights she won't actually drop off until after 8pm and then *fingers crossed* she'll usually sleep until around 6am. 
We've always read her a story just before she goes to sleep and recently she's started showing interest in the books we're reading her. She's now taken to standing up in her cot and pointing at the pictures on the pages. It's very cute although I think she might be sneakily trying to make our bedtime routine just that little bit longer! 
This month we have also introduced a pillow to her cot bed as we were finding she was resting her head most nights on a teddy or a blanket. We opted for the Ikea Len as it has pretty good reviews and is quite flat so it's the perfect starter pillow! So far she really loves it and she moves around the cot a lot less now during the night. We also purchased the matching duvet though she's yet to use that as she still likes her sleeping bag.

Doing - Walking like a pro! Walking seems to be her favourite thing at the moment and she's keen to practice constantly. At home she'll carry her toys from one room to another and when we are out she's off as soon as her feet touch the floor. She's very active, I'm looking forwards to the weather being a bit better so we can spend more time outside!
She received many toys for Christmas and she loves anything that involves posting, stacking or sorting. Her new play tent is also a firm favourite and she'll often take a pile of toys in there and hide from us haha!

Saying - Cat, pudding (or "'DING!"), hi, bye. She's also starting to visibly understand us such as if we ask "shall we go upstairs and fill the bath?" she'll go and climb up the stairs to the bathroom..... it's pretty awesome!

Eating - Miss E has been teething a lot this month which has really affected her appetite. Some days she'll just want milk and other days she'll eat like crazy! The good news is she'll try almost anything, even if she doesn't then like it. This month she has really enjoyed sweetcorn, peas, porridge, crumpets with nutella, couscous, chips, bolognese, bananas and blueberries.

Likes - tummy tickles, hiding in her play tent, walking, going to cafes, exploring in the garden and being outside, trying to dress herself, cuddling and kissing everyone (including the dog!), pressing buttons, watching Sofia the First, bath time, emptying all the toys from her toy basket and emptying drawers/cupboards. 

Dislikes - Again, Miss E has been very good this month.... nappy changing, teeth brushing and being dressed are a lot better! We're still having problems with going to shops or being told 'no'. She's mastered the art of throwing herself on the floor and screaming if we tell her not to feed the dog mince pies or not to step into the road. I guess she's developing that little personality and trying to work out where the boundaries are!

Happy 15 months, my princess!

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  1. One gorgeous little girl, who is growing so fast
    Julie xxxxxxxxx