Monday, 8 December 2014

Happy 14 Months!

Today Miss E turned 14 months old and what a month it has been! From illness to new teeth and taking those magical first steps all by herself, we've had a bit of everything! She's really very much a little girl now, absolutely into everything and very sociable towards everyone she meets. 
Much to my delight, she's slowly becoming rather fond of cuddles too and I love nothing more than when she takes those wobbly steps towards me with her arms open wide ready for me to pick her up! 

*all photos taken with my phone as I've not had the camera handy this month, oops!

Here's a little update on some of the main things during the past few weeks....

Sleep - Night time sleep continues to be generally very good! She had her first proper cold a few weeks ago (I'm amazed she made it to 13.5 months before getting a proper one!) which really affected her sleep but she soon settled back into her routine once it had cleared up. Obviously it was our first experience of a cold in a baby but we found that raising her cot by sticking a few sturdy books under one end really helped and we also used the Calpol Vapour Plug for about 7 nights which was amazing at soothing her and clearing her nose. 
Currently we start her bedtime routine about 6.45pm and aim for a bedtime around 7:30pm though most nights she won't actually drop off until around 8pm. She'll generally sleep until around at least 6.30am but we've had a few very early starts recently which have been quite hard, especially when it is so cold and dark!  

Naps are still all over the place but we're not too bothered about it. I'm sure she'll be dropping the morning nap for good pretty soon and we'll settle into a new routine again.

Doing - Miss E took those wobbly yet completely magical first steps all on her own this month and she's not stopped since! She's so happy to finally have mastered it and doesn't stop smiling when she's showing off her new skill. She's doing so well and she just loves to be outside, waving to everyone she meets and practising walking as much as possible!
At home she loves her books and snuggles with mummy or daddy. She also loves playing with Elsie and feeding her treats. She's a very active little girl and loves a bit of soft play too so I'll often take all the cushions off the sofa for her to climb on or let her play on our bed! In addition to this she loves climbing stairs, hiding in things or crawling under things. We often play peekaboo as she finds it hilarious if she thinks I can't see her! I've had to rescue her a couple of times from underneath our bed though after she's crawled under and can't work out how to get out!

Saying - Miss E is incredibly vocal and loves saying "hi!" to everyone she meets. This month she has started saying "ta" for thanks when we pass her things, very cute! Her little voice is so precious and she's very keen to communicate with us constantly.

Eating - Still on three milk feeds a day and we're yet to find a beaker that she will properly drink out of so she still has her milk in a bottle. She absolutely loves her milk but we think the amount she has is starting to affect how much she'll eat throughout the day. She'll often pick at meals now and is very fussy about what she will eat. Pasta, some meats and fruit are no problem but we'll keep trying new things and definitely reduce her milk intake over the next few weeks! 
Miss E loves using cutlery and is getting very good at using a fork and spoon. Yogurt is her favourite and mealtimes can be quite messy because even though she's good at picking things up, we're not yet at the stage of food always going in to her mouth! Great fun though!

Likes - Tummy tickles, cuddles, doing forward roly polys, watching Sofia the First, going to the park, seeing and stroking animals (especially dogs!), walking, playing with empty bottles in the bath, exploring in the garden, sorting things into piles and stacking them into towers, hiding, crawling underneath things, pressing buttons, chasing the dog, pretending to answer the phone, walking outside and going to new places!

Dislikes - Miss E has been generally very good this month and we've had massive progress with nappy changing, dressing and teeth brushing! However, we still have massive problems going into shops, supermarkets, the post office, or inside any building. I generally try and avoid having to do it at the moment (good on the bank balance I guess if there's an upside to this!) as it makes me very anxious when she has a complete and utter meltdown as soon as you step inside anywhere.
As with all other things we try and handle it well and believe that this too is a phase that will pass. My goodness, I really hope it is soon though!

Happy 14 months, my princess! 


  1. N'aww she's such a cutie! That little smile <3 <3

  2. OH, that last picture! I literally squealed. Too cute!!