Saturday, 8 November 2014

Happy 13 Months!

A month has passed since Miss E's birthday already. It has been a nice quiet month, she's enjoyed plenty of outdoor time and playing with all the toys she received for her birthday. A lovely, peaceful month overall! 

So here's a little update on some of the main things during the past few weeks...

Sleep - Daytime naps are currently all over the place! Sometimes she'll have two, sometimes she'll have one, sometimes they are super short and other times she'll have 2.5 hours in one go! Generally though she'll have as much as she needs apart from the odd occasion where she'll wake up after 20 minutes and then be grumpy until bedtime..... admittedly nothing that a bit of Sofia the First can't fix though!
With the exception of night terrors (which she's had most nights this month), her night sleep is so much better too and she's even sleeping for longer now which I think is due to her being more active during the day. So good.... fingers crossed that it will continue!

Doing - Standing confidently and will happily walk with us holding her hands or if she uses her walker. Her legs and back are getting stronger by the day! On a few occasions at home she has taken a few steps completely on her own, she's doing really well!
This month she's been much happier and loves playing with her toys or watching Sofia the First (seriously, she's addicted and will squeal with excitement if I put it on for her!). She's very sociable and loves exploring her surroundings. Books are a firm favourite, she loves turning the pages and especially loves books with pictures of animals in. She's fond of phones and anything phone shaped too, she'll pick them up and start 'talking' to them or give them to us to speak!
Her absolute favourite thing to do this month however is  to EMPTY ALL THE THINGS. If there's a box, cupboard or shelf within reach then she will do her best to clear it in record time... we have to watch her in shops or she'll start pulling things from shelves thinking it is all great fun!

Saying - We think that "again" might be another new word for Miss E, she'll say it if she wants more of something for sure! No new words apart from that. She's very vocal and loves making different noises, her little voice is so precious! 

Eating - This month we have swapped her regular feeds for cows milk and so far so good! She really likes the taste and i'm quite surprised at how easy the change went. We went for a straight swap but I have read that sometimes people like to gradually introduce it. She still drinks milk from a bottle as we are yet to find a beaker that she will drink out of but this is something we'll look out for during the next month or so.

She had her jabs last week and since then she has completely gone off her food with the exception of fruit/treats. I have read that this is quite normal and i'm hoping that she'll get her appetite back again soon! Up until then though she was enjoying all of her favourite foods and getting quite good at using a fork and spoon herself!

Likes - Tummy tickles, making different noises, playing with 'noisy toys' or anything electrical, stroking the dog, walking with her walker, sorting things into piles and stacking things to make towers, snuggles when she's just woken up, going on the swings at the park, going to cafes, laughing when she's doing something naughty, pressing buttons, going for walks in the pram and being outside!

Dislikes - Same as last month.... Miss E hates having her nappy changed, being strapped into anything or being dressed! It's quite exhausting for us as y'know, these things need to be done quite a few times a day! 

Happy 13 months, my princess! 

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  1. She's a real cutie. I was once chucked out of Debenhams because my son screamed and screamed, because my husband was trying on clothes, I stood my ground and refused to go. Got filthy looks from the young girl who tried to chuck me out, but the floor manager was OK about it. Just keep trying, but I think it has something to do with the lighting in the stores.
    Julie xxxxx