Friday, 17 October 2014

Yankee Candle "Icicles"

Yankee Candle are perpetually releasing brand new fragrances to keep fans excited and the 2014 Christmas collection is no exception. Along with festive favourites such as Christmas Cookie and Sparkling Cinnamon we are joined this year by four very special fragrances that embody the spirit of Christmas Past and Christmas Present.

Now in our household, it's never too early to start getting ready for Christmas! At the beginning of November I usually start sneaking in a few festive touches around the house to make it just that little bit more cosy and welcoming and a great way of doing this is by using candles!

I recently got hold of a jar of Icicles, a new festive fantasy fragrance by Yankee Candle. Described as possessing "the crisp, winter forest scent of ice covered pine branches with tingly notes of spicy cinnamon", this candle is sure to add a touch of festive sparkle to any room! 
I'm not going to lie though, I didn't even read the description beforehand! I was drawn to this candle for two reasons, the first of which is the colour. The intense icy blue wax is not your usual festive red, white or green..... it's an unusual colour choice for a festive scent but it really does work! Secondly (and rather simply!) i'm a sucker for birds and I was lured by the cute little robin all alone in the cold the label!

I've used this candle a few times now and it is a true fantasy fragrance, it's quite magical and ethereal. A lovely scent for both day and night. You certainly get the feeling of pine trees and fresh, crisp air once the candle is lit.
The cinnamon notes are quite sharp and offer that tingly feeling of warmth when you come in from being out in the cold on an icy day! I'm not sure how they do it, I think there's a hint of peppermint in there to balance things out and keep it fresh. Icicles a very complex fragrance and I'm rather fond of it already. Each time I burn it I get something new from it too!

If you've tried Sparkling Snow or Winter Wonderland before then this is quite a similar scent, very fresh yet warming and ridiculously festive. One to pop in your shopping basket for sure!

As with all of the new festive fragrances, Icicles is available to buy in all formats from wax melts up to large jar candles. All of which are available to buy from the Yankee Candle website along with the rest of the Christmas collection and a range of stunning candle accessories.

Here are the official descriptions for the four fragrances in the collection....

Christmas Present 
Be enchanted this Noel with elegantly ethereal scents; perfect for creating a winter wonderland! Stylish and sophisticated, these airy aromas are cleverly layered with delicate fragrance note to charm and delight.

The crisp, winter forest scent of ice covered pine branches with tingly notes of spicy cinnamon

Angel Wings
Spirits rise on this beautiful, airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals and divinely smooth vanilla 

Christmas Past
Welcome to the festive season with these nostalgic homemade traditions. Sweet, sugary magic and fresh, zesty evergreens fill homes and hearts with the joyful scents of that most wonderful time of year.

Candy Cane Lane
A favourite Christmas place where delicious dreams are made with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing.

Christmas Garland
The season comes to life in this lush aroma of fresh-cut pine boughs and zesty cranberries

What Yankee Candle scents have you been burning recently? 

 * I was sent this product to review but all words are my own!


  1. Love this fragrances! Smell really clear and crisp!

  2. Brilliant fragrance. P.S. I LOVE your pug :)