Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Happy Birthday Miss E!

Our baby girl Miss E turns one year old today! It doesn't seem two minutes since we came home with her but a year has gone by so soon. I don't think that I could sum up our time together in words if I tried. It is an honour to be her mummy.... she's absolutely wonderful, beautiful, funny, determined, intelligent and so cuddly with the most incredible little cheeky smile! 
I feel so blessed to see her grow and change each day, watching her personality develop rapidly and i'm learning to appreciate every little detail in life for our days together seem to go so quickly. 

Being her mummy is simply the best thing in the world! 

So happy 1st birthday my beautiful little lady, I hope you have a wonderful day x     


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Emilia Zennor!!!! xx

  2. Happy Birthday Emilia
    Julie xxxxx

  3. Happy Birthday, Emilia!! You are such an angel. I'm so glad you have arrived to give your Mummy and Daddy such joy. :) (package to be in the mail very soon, promise!) x