Friday, 10 October 2014

Happy 12 Months!

So here I am writing Miss E's 12 month update already. I'm certain that this past year has been the quickest and most exhausting but absolutely the best year of my life! She's so incredible in every way and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for her! 

She celebrated her birthday on the 8th, we took her to a local soft play centre for the day where she had a lovely party lunch before we headed home for a Peppa Pig themed buffet with family. It was a lovely day and she was exhausted afterwards!

Here is a little update on some of the main things this month....

Sleep - Dare I say without jinxing it? Here goes.... Miss E has finally started sleeping through the night! After she was put on additional meds for her reflux and we had a good go at tweaking her daytime naps we've had a few weeks now where she's slept in her bed on and off until a pretty decent 6am. Fingers crossed that this new sleeping thing is a trend that will continue! 

Doing - Getting very good at standing unaided, crawling and cruising round the furniture at home. She'll quite confidently take a couple of steps for example from the coffee table to the tv which is another step closer to walking I guess! I'm sure it won't be long now! 
With us being on holiday for part of September too we were able to take her to some form of soft play centre or playground or beach every single day which she absolutely loved. She's very sociable and vocal and loves exploring and seeing new things!  

Saying - Still lots of pointing at everything and calling it a 'doggy'! When she's woken up from a nap in the daytime, she'll often call out for 'mama' too which is so sweet!

Eating - Still on three milk feeds a day and recently has started enjoying her food a little more! She's started letting us feed her with a spoon/fork and also likes it if you give here one loaded with food so she can feed herself. Usually mashed food on a spoon is the only way she'll try anything with meat, veg or fish in so that's great! Her current favourite foods are jam sandwiches, strawberries, cucumber, rice, pasta, mild cheese and fish fingers (which she tried on holiday for the first time and ate the whole lot!). 

Likes - Tummy tickles, snuggles when she's just woken up, peekaboo, jumping, opening presents, dancing, soft play, splashing in the bath and playing with bubbles, walking with her walker, trying to give people her favourite toys, watching Peppa Pig, stroking the dog, playing with 'noisy' toys, reading books, going on the swings at the park and being outside!

Dislikes - Having her nappy changed, being strapped into anything or being in her pram too long, having her arms put into sleeves and brushing her teeth (she's teething again we think!). 

Happy 12 months, my princess!

I've quite enjoyed writing these monthly updates so I might continue to do them for another year as even if nobody else reads them, they are great for me to look back on and see how much she has changed! 


  1. I enjoyed reading your updates on your beautiful little, She is gorgeous. Her birthday is the same day as my dad's, he is eighty-three years older. Enjoy her while she is little, she will grow very quickly.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you do much for your sweet words! xx

    2. & happy birthday to your dad too! x

  2. Aww, happy birthday to E.