Monday, 27 October 2014

Elsie's Letter to Santa....

It's almost November so we're pretty much safe to mention Christmas now, aren't we?! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I'm going to admit that I have! 

When you are out shopping, I always think that it is important to spoil your pets at Christmas just as much as everyone else! They are certainly part of the family and it isn't just me who thinks so too.... apparently 9 out of 10 owners make sure their pet gets a festive treat each year! 
Pets at Home asked me recently if I would help Elsie write a letter to Santa to see what she would like for Christmas this year. She certainly has her eye on a few things from the Pets at Home website and so here is her letter below....

Dear Santa,

My name is Elsie and I am three years old, I live in Yorkshire which I guess is a very long way from where you are! I hope that you have had a nice relaxing year and I hope all the reindeer are well.  

I have been a very good girl this year.... mummy and daddy say that I have been amazing welcoming my human baby sister Miss E into our family and I am always very loving and gentle with her. 
This year I have decided to become a well behaved dog, this is something I have not really tried before but I am actually really quite good at it! I can be trusted to walk without a lead in the park now and play nicely with other dogs that are bigger than me. I'm also very well behaved in cafes and restaurants now, much to mummy's delight!  

As I have been such a good girl, I have put together a list of some of the things that I would like for Christmas this year! As you know, i'm rather fond of a comfy bed, tasty treats and anything wearable that will cause people to give me lots of fuss when I am out on my walks! I've also never had my own advent calendar before but I quite like the idea of having an extra treat each day! 

It would make me very happy if I found any of the items below under our Christmas tree this year! 

Lots of love,

Elsie the Pug xx

* All items shown are available from Pets at Home.

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  1. This? Is flipping adorable.

    Elsie, I hope that you get all that you desire for Christmas!