Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Money Saving in July and August....

It's been a couple of months since I last updated about our money saving mission and a lot has happened since then! I guess the main news to tell you is that I handed in my notice at my museum job(!!) at the end of my 12 months of maternity leave to concentrate on our little family. This inevitably means one less source of income now for us.... quite a scary prospect, eh?!
I may write about our joint decision for me to stay at home shortly in the future but for now i'm totally confident that it was the best decision for us and we are slipping into a new way of life quite wonderfully right now!

In terms of progress with our new thrifty way of life, here is a pocket-sized update of a few things we have been up to.... 

The mortgage. I mentioned in my last update about debating making an overpayment on the mortgage and we decided to go ahead and do it. Our mortgage currently lets us make a 10% overpayment once a year without incurring any charges so we made a one off payment recently which has now saved us quite a bit on our monthly mortgage repayments. It feels so good to have done it and i'm quite enamored by the idea of becoming completely mortgage free now. I guess we have some serious thinking to do!

eBay. I have recently started selling on eBay again after having a couple of years off. I'm getting back into the swing of it as it has changed quite a lot since I was last selling on there! So far so good though and i'm really quite enjoying it! 

Sealed tins. Still have two of these on the go, one for 5p's and one for £2 coins. I feel like i'll never fill these but i'm determined not to open them until they are filled to the very top!
Every time I come home from anywhere now i'll raid my purse to see if there are any of these coins, if there are i'll take them straight out and pop them in the relevant tin. It's a great way to save up that loose change, once you get into the habit of doing it you don't notice it building up!

Online grocery shopping. Still doing this, still using Morrisons. We make the most of the £1 delivery charges and it is a really good way of not being tempted by offers and products on the shelves, especially if we stick to a list! Although i'm always tempted by the magnums if they are on offer, always.

Magazine Subcriptions. We've snagged a few subscriptions using our Tesco clubcard points. It's a lovely treat to see them arrive each month, even more so knowing that they were free!

Car boot sale and charity shop shopping. Great for preparing for Miss E's birthday and Christmas. We've managed to stock up on plenty of books and toys for her as well as essentials like winter coats and clothes. She's currently growing like crazy so we're constantly updating her wardrobe! 

Joining the library. Miss E and I have recently joined the library and plan to make the use of being able to borrow lots of books and DVDs. I've also spied a fun looking baby group at our local library down the road so we might pop along to that sometime soon.  

Not buying 'stuff'. Although window shopping is a real love of mine, i'm really enjoying not buying 'stuff' at the moment. Recently I stumbled upon Becoming Minimalist which has really inspired me and made me determined with our new way of life. I'm also really addicted to reading money saving blogs and forums at the moment and also blogs by people who are on a journey to becoming debt and mortgage free. I'd love to share some of my current favourites in another post if any of you are interested? Let me know!

If you're interested in reading about what I did during past months you can read back through my previous posts by clicking here

If you are trying to save money for a special occasion or just cut back a bit please do let me know your top tips and how you're getting on!


  1. I have ended up with so many money boxes / tins that I have one for each type of coin and each time any of them are full I deposit however much there is in my savings account. It's surprising how the spare change from your purse can add up and if I didn't take it out of there when I got home I'd just fritter it away on nothings.

  2. I'd be lost without my local library - and paying a fortune for books if I didn't use it!


  3. Would love to hear about which blogs you've been looking at. I've been buying baby things from car boots and charity shops too- I think people tend to buy more than they end up needing so you always find things that are nearly new.