Thursday, 11 September 2014

A day out on the Longshaw Estate

We took Miss E to Longshaw for the first time last weekend. It is super close to where we live but it is also one of those places that gets crazy busy in the summer so we tend not to visit until the weather gets cooler! To be honest though, autumn is the most beautiful time to visit and there is no shortage of wildlife, colour and things to see.

Longshaw is a National Trust venue just on the edge of Sheffield and is completely free to visit with the exception of a small car park fee. Here you can enjoy spectacular views of the Peak District, walk for as long as your legs can manage, explore ancient woods and moorlands and lets not forget a visit to the lovely cafe and gift shop! 

During our visit we took a late morning stroll down to the pond so that Miss E could see the ducks and explored a sweet little fairy trail in the woods (complete with tiny doors carved into trees!) before heading back to the cafe for lunch. I opted for the huntsman's pie accompanied by a side salad grown in the kitchen garden behind the cafe and followed that with a raspberry and vanilla slice which was delicious! We sat outside (dogs are not allowed in the cafe) where the tables provide excellent bird watching opportunities and you can enjoy the wonderful endless views of the edge of the Peak District. 

It was a lovely day, i'm sure we will be back again soon! 



  1. What great photos - looks like a lovely day out.

  2. Stunning photographs! It looks like you all had a fantastic time! x

  3. GORGEOUS pics. I feel as though I've been there now! And I want your lunch so badly it hurts. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  4. The last pic is awesome. Came from blog hop at Dolly Dowsie. ^_^

  5. Gorgeous photos! Your little girl is so sweet. Came from blog hop at Dolly Dowsie!

  6. Such a beautiful place! We often visit Burnam Beeches which is also great. :)
    I would love to visit this place. x


    ERFmama |

  7. I love going to Longshaw estate it's such a beautiful place and I've spent many a sunday rambling through the woods


  8. It looks like such a gorgeous place! Fantastic photography too :) xo

    Fiona @