Friday, 8 August 2014

Yankee Candle "Napa Valley Sun"

Napa Valley Sun is one of my all time top favourite Yankee Candle fragrances so I was thrilled to see that it has been re-released for a limited time over on the 'special appearances' section of the Yankee Candle website.

The scent of Napa Valley Sun* is described as "fragrant rays of a golden, powdery amber with a vanilla flower finish".
I really truly think that it would be hard for anyone to be disappointed by this candle. It is a lovely rich warm sun drenched scent which is just perfect for burning during warm evenings and in late summer. The powdery notes are vaguely reminiscent of baby powder but the delicious amber and vanilla scents offer a really grown-up fresh scent which is well worth a burn in any room of the house.

I'm going to be honest, I just can't get enough of this candle!

Napa Valley in California is considered to be one of the premier wine regions of the world. I have no experience of the place (and I don't know much about wine!) so I can only imagine what the fragrance of this candle represents. 
My first experience of "Napa Valley Sun" however was our first wedding anniversary when we spent a week in a lovely cottage at Padstow in Cornwall. My lovely hubby gifted me the candle before we had the most amazing meal at Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant to celebrate. I kept it on my bedside table for the remainder of the week and it's glorious aroma filled the room without me even having to light it.

Upon lifting the lid from this candle I am instantly transported back to that beautiful week we spent in Cornwall and the first time I experienced this amazing fragrance. This wonderful magic of Yankee Candle is one of the main reasons I love them as a brand! 

As always, the burn and scent throw of this candle is exceptional. I am pretty sure that I have tried it in all formats that have been available (small jars, votives, etc!) and I have never been disappointed. 

I haven't tried layering it with other scents yet apart from "Black Coconut" which I had burning last night..... the mix of those two was amazing! I anticipate that it would go nicely with a lot of scents though, i'll definitely be having a go at layering this and seeing what works! "Pink Sands" next, maybe? 

Yankee Candle large Housewarmer jar candles provide 110 to 150 hours of enjoyment and retail for £19.99 on the Yankee Candle website. 

Other scents that have been reintroduced recently and are available for a limited time include:

Tahitian Tiaré Flower
Reminiscent of sweet gardenias . . . love blooms in the hypnotic fragrance of this snowy white flower.

Early Sunrise
A new day dawns crisp and fresh in this clean lemony citrus scent with hints of ginger and tea.

.... all of which are gorgeous scents (Early Sunrise is another longstanding favourite of mine!) so grab them now before it is too late!

What Yankee Candle scents have you been burning recently? 

 * I was sent this product to review but all words are my own!


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