Friday, 8 August 2014

Happy 10 Months!

Miss E turned 10 months old today. How did that happen?! Her age is now in double digits and through each day that passes she gets less baby and more toddler! Her personality is developing rapidly and she is the most wonderful, smiley and happy little girl.... I love spending my time with her!

Here's a little update on her developments this month (& i'll start with the bad!)....

This month we've started to have massive problems with sleep. She's gone from waking very early to barely sleeping at all with hours of hysterical crying throughout the night which has led to a very tired family completely stumped for ideas! She doesn't appear to be teething and we had her checked out by the doctor so we're just riding it out, hoping to get more than a couple of hours sleep in one go soon!

She's enjoying three meals a day and her eating is going very well. Her favourite foods this month are cubes of cheese, pasta, spaghetti, blueberries, yoghurt, green olives, anything with marmite on, and cheerios! She loves eating with her hands, especially at breakfast time where she will pick out her cheerios one by one eating the coloured ones first and leaving the white ones until last! I love watching the way she eats, it's all very methodic and when she's finished she'll do a glorious windscreen wiper arm across the table throwing everything left down on the floor for Elsie to eat!  

Crawling everywhere, discovering everything! She's also standing confidently now and pulling herself up on anything and everything. We tried to 'babyproof' the house before she got to this stage but I never anticipated that she would become so active so quickly! She's quite a tall baby too so she can reach up and grab things off tables and surfaces! All fun.... she's keeping us on our toes! 

This month she loves dancing and music. She's a bit of a headbanger but if we hold her hands she'll get up and have a dance to any song! She also adores us singing to her, especially at bedtime. It really helps settle her down! 

Her noises are sounding more like words each day! She'll excitedly say "DA!" when she sees the dog approaching her and tries to copy words we say. When she's enjoying eating something we'll say something like "Cheese? No problem!" and now she'll pick up her favourite foods, pop them in her mouth whilst saying something that most certainly sounds like "No problem!"..... it's hilarious! 

Other things she's enjoying this month include messy play, lots of tickles, story time, soft toys and noisy toys, bath time, going on the swings at the park, picnics, animals, playing with water and anything that isn't a toy, emptying anything and everything, opening cupboards, opening drawers, and sorting stuff into piles! 

Happy 10 months, my princess!


  1. Emilia is gorgeous! What a cutey pie, how time flies - you make a wonderful little family xxx

  2. She is so precious, Rebecca! Really, really a special little girl, so bright and cheerful even with the sleep adventures! best to you all. x