Friday, 6 June 2014

Happy 9 Months!

So it's official, Miss E has been out in the world for as long as she was in my tummy! She is just the most lovely little girl, very cuddly and is developing the most amazing personality. She's very determined, happy, smiley, and sure of what she wants though she isn't afraid to let everyone know if she's not happy about something!  Here's a little update on her developments this month.... 

Down to 3 milk feeds a day and eating 3 solid meals a day now! Her favourite foods this month are tuna sandwiches, Cheerios, porridge with fruit mixed in, mashed raspberries, banana and strawberries, slices of cucumber, crumpets, breadsticks dipped in cream cheese, spaghetti bolognese and bread! She's also rather fond of ice cream as we discovered on holiday! Although she definitely has her off days, she'll pretty much try anything and enjoys picking food up to feed herself now! 

Discovering if she drops food from her highchair then Elsie will come and eat it! Miss E absolutely loves this and I'm certain she's dropping it purposely now to make the doggy come and get it! 

Sleeping better but still wakes around 4am wanting to play! Usually she'll have a little more sleep if we bring her in our bed but now she's on the move she sees this as an opportunity to climb all over us! Her naps have gone from quite a good routine to all over the place, sometimes she'll go for 20 minutes and sometimes a couple of hours.... She gets very grumpy and frustrated when she can't sleep but we're trying to stick to her routines hoping it will get better soon! 

Mastered going from laying down to sitting up and has started to crawl during the past week or so! She's absolutely into everything now.... No drawer, bag, book or object is safe anymore and we are having such fun watching her move around the house so effortlessly! 

 Imitating sounds and movements! Everything from bum wiggles and waving to blowing raspberries, it's so incredibly cute. She loves music too and is often found dancing in cafés or when we have the radio on at tea time! 

 Still loving In The Night Garden just before bed. I swear she can barely breathe with excitement when Igglepiggle comes on and she loves waving goodnight to him! 

Also loving lots of tickles, story time, soft toys and noisy toys, bath time, going on the swings at the park, picnics, animals, playing with water and anything that isn't a toy, emptying anything and everything (her toy box, packs of wipes, bags, etc!)

Happy 9 months, my princess!

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