Monday, 9 June 2014

Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Covers

It's fair to say that my phone gets quite a bit of use so I like to ensure that it is protected with a phone cover at all times, especially as I now have a baby who is quite literally obsessed with phones (and putting them in her mouth!). 

Mr Nutcase make personalised phone covers for a wide variety of phone brands including Apple, Blackberry and Samsung. As well as being super customisable in terms of design you can choose from different finishes to the actual case too such as an ultra lightweight slimline version or an executive flip leather style.

If having a personalised cover isn't your thing, Mr Nutcase also stock an expansive range of ready made designs and with categories ranging from vintage to street art, there really is something for everyone! 

I'm a bit of an Instagram addict so I chose to create my own custom iPhone case* by using a collage of six of my favourite recent photos. Designing the cover was super simple as it was just a case of selecting a template, uploading the required number of photos then dragging and dropping them into place until I had a design that I was happy with!

After you have finished creating your cover you can take a look at a high quality preview so that you can make any adjustments if necessary. The checkout page was simple and speedy and I'd say that overall the whole process is pretty much effortless. As a bonus, if you 'like' their facebook page you can get yourself a free screen protector too with your order which is great! In under 15 minutes I had designed and placed the order for my phone cover. Simple! 

After placing my order I was really impressed with the speed that my order was processed. Only a few hours later I received a dispatch confirmation and the phone case was impressively delivered by the postman the very next morning!

I have to say that I am really pleased with the quality of the phone case. It feels very sturdy and I love the semi-matte finish to the photographs. The colours are also amazing and just as vibrant as on my computer screen.... I was a little worried that colour and detail would be lost on a printed item like this but I was proved wrong! I'd very happily place an order with Mr Nutcase again.

If you're interested in purchashing a cover yourself, the team at Mr Nutcase have very kindly offered readers of my blog a 10% discount off any cover if you use the code "Thanku10" at the checkout. 

* I was sent this product to review but all words are my own!

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