Wednesday, 11 June 2014

In Photos: A Midweek Family Day Out at Wentworth Garden Centre....

Today was the three year anniversary of the day we bought Elsie home to live with us so my husband took the day off work and we all headed out to one of Elsie's favourite places for a family day out at Wentworth Garden Centre

Wentworth Garden Centre is not just a garden centre but has everything from a stunning gift shop to family farm, beautiful historic walled gardens, restaurant and pet centre to unique craft shops and regular farmers markets. 
Amazingly, almost every area is dog friendly (they are allowed on-lead pretty much everywhere apart from inside the restaurant and the farm.... Elsie loves looking round the gift shop!) so we visit here quite a lot. Plus i'm a big fan of the strawberry tarts at the restaurant, they are so good

It was a lovely day today so we had a potter round the walled gardens whilst the rest of my family visited the farm then we all met up for lunch at the restaurant. Afterwards we visited the pet centre where Elsie recieved an awful lot of fuss and she chose herself a selection of treats to take home! 

It was a lovely day out and i'm glad I snapped a few photos during our time there....


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  1. Awww looks like you guys had a really great day. Such lovely photos!