Friday, 6 June 2014

Happy 8 Months!

Miss E is now 8 months old and in just a months time she will have been in the world for as long as she was in my tummy. I am certain that this past month has been the quickest month we have had yet and she is developing now at an astonishing rate!

At 8 months, Miss E is....

Rolling like a pro and very almost crawling! She has nailed the backwards crawling so it won't be long until she's going forwards! She is very active and is always doing something, whether it's emptying toys from her toy box or picking things up one by one and throwing them all into a pile, opening drawers or trying to grab the dog..... I suspect that once she is on the move I am going to be one tired mama!

Obsessed with watching In the Night Garden. She gets so excited when it comes on the TV and loves waving to all the characters so we have made watching it together part of her bedtime routine before we go upstairs for bath time and stories. 

Sleeping better but not quite through the night again yet. We've had quite a few very tired days round here recently as she still thinks her cot is for playing or practicing crawling when she wakes up in the middle of the night and it can take a few hours to settle her again. Most days she'll end up in our bed by 5am though we have been camping out in her bedroom on the odd occasion as she wakes so frequently. Is this the 8 month regression?! I'm not sure, we're just riding it out though and hoping it will get better soon!

Better at napping during the day. Usually we can put her down now and she'll go straight off to sleep.... I can't tell you how amazing this is now, long may it continue!

Weaning well! Her favourites this month are yoghurt, cheese, banana, porridge, mango and melon.... she's currently obsessed with fruit so making sure she gets enough savoury food too is a conscious effort at the moment! We are currently considering dropping another one of her feeds too as trying to fit them in alongside 3 meals a day can be quite tough, especially as if she's just eaten she's reluctant to feed and vice versa.

Loving tummy tickles, cuddles, music, clapping, playing with noisy toys, laughing at the dog, story time, picnics, eating out and looking at people!