Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Happy Place....

A few weeks ago we took Miss E away for a week by the sea. It was the first time she's stayed anywhere other than home so I wanted it to be special! We didn't hesitate much in ensuring that her first holiday was in Blackpool. 
I can't even tell you how much I love it here, it is certainly my happy place. I know it still holds somewhat of a bad reputation in the eyes of many but the whole town is rapidly changing to correct this image.... and it is doing a damn good job of it too! 

Ben and I visit so often that we have our favourite 'must do' things and a seemingly limitless list of favourite places to eat but visiting with a child changes things immeasurably. It's amazing how different it seems now visiting with Miss E (and Elsie too!).... even more to do, see and enjoy. This will only get better with age too and I hope she grows to love the place as much as we do! 

We spent the week in the sunshine eating chips and ice cream sundaes, walking Elsie on the beaches and sand dunes, exploring nearby lakes and nature reserves, outlet shopping, visiting the circus, zoo, art galleries, Pleasure Beach, piers, shops and Illuminasia (the world's largest indoor illuminations experience). 

It was wonderful.

Blackpool, I love you more than ever!