Sunday, 18 May 2014

Happy 7 Months!

Miss E is now 7 months old and I can't believe how much she has changed and grown recently! It feels as if she is learning something new every day and we are enjoying every single minute of it!

Here is a round-up of what she has been up to recently....

+ A few weeks ago we took her on her first holiday. We spent the week at my favourite seaside town (Blackpool!) and we all had such fun. It was amazing seeing her enjoy my favourite place and I do hope that she grows up to appreciate it and love it as much as I do! 
She adapted so well to different surroundings and it was here that she got her first taste of sleeping in a big cot which meant that as soon as we got home we had to move her into her own room as she loved having more space!

+ We moved Miss E into her own room last week and she is getting on very well in there overall! She takes a lot longer to settle in there but seems a lot comfier when she does get to sleep. She's still waking up VERY early though (anywhere between 1.30am and 4am.... argh!) even with blackout curtains so i'm hoping she'll get used to being in there soon!

+ She has two teeth! They finally came through on holiday and I love how they make her cheeky face even more cute!

+ She has a lot of new skills which include clapping, waving, saying "hi" and "hiya!", rolling, crawling backwards and a cute little bottom wiggle dance when she hears a song or sees something that she likes!

+ Weaning is going well though teething and reflux has meant that some days she just isn't interested in food and would much rather have her milk instead. It's a slow journey but when she does eat she will pretty much try anything which is great! Her favourites are currently banana, mango, roasted sweet potato, cheese and spaghetti!

+ She loves tummy tickles, story time, stroking the pug, watching In The Night Garden and The Tweenies (?!), trying to eat anything naughty (my phone, tv remote, keys, etc!) and laughing!

Happy 7 months my little angel!


  1. Oh my word that went fast! I love little baby bum wiggle dances, the best kind! She's just so cute and adorable! won't be long before she's crawling forwards then if she's going backwards! watch out!