Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Happy 6 Months!

Miss E turned 6 months old today. It's crazy to think she's half a year old already, being pregnant seems like a distant memory now!

During the last month we have seen some massive, massive changes in her. She's developing so fast it seems like she's learning something new every day!

She's also much happier now that her reflux has been diagnosed and is being managed. Before she would spend most of her days screaming in pain with hubby and I having to constantly carry her or walk her in the pram trying to soothe her. I am so glad we are making progress now that our doctor finally acknowledged our worries. She still has bad days but she is so much better now than she was. She's such a happy baby now!

Here's a round-up of what she has been up to recently. At 6 months old Miss E is.....

Sitting unaided for a few minutes at a time. She loves sitting on the sofa or on a blanket on the floor with her toys round her so that she can reach and grab for things! She's also started launching herself onto her hands and kicking so I'm sure it won't be all that long until she's on the move! 

Constantly interacting with toys, people, etc. She's very chatty too; always talking, squealing and laughing! It's so cute!

Enjoying her food! We're doing a mixture of baby led weaning and pureed food, luckily she loves both! Her favourite foods at the moment seem to be roasted sweet potatoes, toast, cheese, pureed mango, banana and pureed peaches with blueberries! She'll give anything a go and the faces that she pulls when she doesn't like something are hilarious! 

Still chewing everything though no sign of teeth yet!

Still sleeping beside us in her Bednest. She'll be moving into her own bedroom soon though i'm not in a rush as she's still very happy with us and I love being so close to her! 

Loves tummy tickles, cuddles, pretending to fly, chewing my iPhone, watching TV, her jumperoo, and stroking the Pug.

Happy half birthday my little angel, we love you so much! 


  1. How adorable is she?! I love her little outfits, especially the first, what a cutie :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  2. She is a real cutie - Happy six month Birthday
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

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  4. What is about babies and chewing phones? She is so lovely, and growing so quickly! Love that lady and the tramp romper too!

    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x