Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Wedding Scrapbook....

I'm very lucky to have met my soulmate so early on in life. This October my husband and I will be celebrating not only our 5th wedding anniversary but a whopping 13 years of being together! Crazy, right?! We have been through so much and we are so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter, a cheeky little pug and a very happy life together! 

Our wedding in October 2009 was a dream wedding for me and a day where I loved every second. Even though the idea of marriage and 'being married' means a lot to me, i'm not one for big 'showy' weddings and certainly don't have expensive tastes. I firmly believe you can make the happiest memories with the people you are closest to for the smallest amount of money! Besides, a small wedding means less stress which in turn means more fun!
We married at the most beautiful venue, honeymooned at one of our favourite destinations and DIY'ed our way through traditionally probably the most expensive day that people can have in their life. I'm proud that I did my own flowers, made use of items that we already owned, asked guests to take their own photographs, made my own table decorations and bought my dress in a high street store sale! We have the most fantastic memories of a beautiful day! Here are a few snaps....

A lot has changed for us over the last few years (in a good way!) and something we have discussed is renewing our wedding vows. I think it would be super romantic and it would give us another chance to reaffirm our continued commitment to each other in the most magical way! Plus, i'd love for Miss E to be a part of the celebrations! 

When we married, I had a horrendous fear of flying.... It's funny how something as big as having a baby and going through pregnancy the way I did makes so many things that once worried me now seem trivial! I've suffered major anxiety for years but now I can't wait to hop on a plane when Miss E is old enough to appreciate it! 
I'd love to renew our vows abroad Las Vegas style or at Aulani, Disney's spectacular Hawaiin resort. Then we would celebrate at home with a colourful gathering, a garden party where everyone can have a good time! 

Here are a few photographs that I have gathered from the internet as a bit of inspiration.... as you can see I am hugely inspired by the idea of a circus/fairground theme! Links to each picture can be found on my pinterest page here.

Thanks to Ox Pasture Hall Country House Hotel for providing the inspiration for this post.


  1. Im sure I commented on this?! Anywho, loved this post and I totally can relate to the anxiety and then the effect having a child has to anything like that and your outlook before!

  2. Ooh yes, renew your vows in Vegas! That would be ace. Or go to Disneyworld Florida. I'd get married there if Jonathan would agree to it ha! :) x