Saturday, 1 March 2014

Money Saving During February....

One of my targets for this year is to start saving money so I have started blogging every month about the small steps we are taking to hopefully achieve something big and exciting (potential house move/renovation and Florida holiday!).  

During February we did splash out on a few expensive items for Miss E (including an amazing highchair!) so the money we saved last month wasn't super amazing but we're still making progress and settling into our new 'money saving' way of life!

So here is a roundup of some of the things we did last month.... 

 Got the month off to a good start by enjoying free breakfasts at Chiquito with Ben and Miss E using a voucher I found on their Facebook page. We only had to pay for drinks (hot drinks have unlimited free refills too!) so the bill came to a bargainous £3.90..... Amazing!

  Used up lots of vouchers and gift cards for meals out during the rest of the month. This meant that we were able to enjoy everything from lunch at Ed's Diner to evening buffets at Cosmo without spending money!
 Visited the cinema during the daytime to take advantage of the cheaper 'early bird' prices.

 Saved the money that I received for my birthday to spend on holiday!

 Signed up for one of the animal packages with EE/Orange pay-as-you-go which gives me plenty of free internet and texts when i'm out and about. I hope to get my phone unlocked and switch to 3 mobile soon because their pay-as-you-go tariff is even cheaper!  

 Started saving 5p and £2 coins in a couple of those large sealed money tins you can get from places like poundland. It's surprising how quickly these build up and I plan on not opening them up until they are completely full! 

 We have started doing the 'weekly food shop' every other week and we're stocking up only on fresh items when we need them. By doing this it means we don't get lured into buying things we don't need or getting distracted by baby clothes, magazines, bedding, etc!  

 Continuing to track our expenditure using this app on the iPad. This month it is clear we are still spending way too much on eating out/entertainment but i'm hoping as the weather gets warmer we'll make more room for 'free days out' and plenty of picnics!

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If you are trying to save money for a special occasion or just cut back a bit please do let me know your top tips and favourite websites for saving money!


  1. Awhh good luck with saving! I always shop online now as even with the delivery cost I find it works out cheaper because I dont get tempted as much. I always use a meal plan and cross reference what is already in the cupboards so that im reducing waste as much as poss x

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  3. Ooh when you book Florida let me know if you need any advice. It's my favourite place ever.

    It's quite fun being thrifty and doing cheaper/free things you wouldn't normally do. We often cook at home as opposed to going out and go for walks with the dogs.Sometimes it's fun staying in and saving the ££ for a rainy day (or a holiday!)