Sunday, 16 March 2014

Life Lately

Days seem to come and go so quickly at the moment, I can't believe we are halfway through March already!

Miss E was finally diagnosed with reflux last week and I just hope that the treatment she has started will now start relieving her symptoms! It's taken 5 months (unnecessarily!) to get a doctor who will listen and we have had some real awful days recently with her constantly crying and in so much pain, it's been impossible to do anything other than try and help her as much as we can. 
She has good days too, of course.... in fact we've had quite a few since starting her treatment so i'm keeping everything crossed for my precious little girl! 

On our days together as a family we have been really enjoying the sunshine and first signs of spring, getting out as much as possible. Our trips out have included taking Miss E to see the animals at a local park (she loved the guinea pigs and sheep!), enjoying a night out at the circus, lots of spring-time car boot sale and flea market shopping and plenty of outings to the Peak District. Plenty of meals out and cake too.... much needed and much enjoyed!

We have also started weaning Miss E recently; something we are really enjoying, it's so much fun! We have gone down the 'baby led weaning' route (or rather, she led us that way!), something I hope to write about in the future. Her favourite foods so far seem to be banana, carrot and bread although she'll try and eat absolutely anything she can get her hands on..... tissues and paper included!

Here are a few of my favourite recent snaps....



  1. oh she is just gorgeous.
    i'm glad the doctor has finally listened to you and she is feeling better soon xx

  2. Aww!
    I had those Ladybird books! I loved The Princess and the Pea too!
    I was obsessed with having a high bed! haha

  3. Glad you were finally listened to. She is gorgeous
    Julie xxxxx

  4. So glad you've got help with the reflux finally! Hopefully the food will help too :)

  5. She's such a doll!! Sorry she's going through reflux. My nieces's daughter has that too. Hopefully it helps to know that most children grow out of it by their first birthday.