Sunday, 9 February 2014

Help Me Choose A Highchair!

Baby weaning time is fast approaching in our household (i'm so excited about this!) so we are currently on the lookout for a highchair for Miss E. As with any baby product it is quite surprising to see just how many options there are on the market are to choose from! They all essentially do the same job, right?! 

After a good search on the internet and having a look in shops though I can conclude that we are quite drawn to chairs that are simple, easy to clean and are able to be pushed under the dining table so Miss E can eat with us. Also, I quite like the idea of chairs that can be converted in one way or another so that they can be used as proper chairs when she is a little older.
With this in mind we have managed to narrow down our selection to the four chairs below, i'm totally stuck though in terms of deciding which one to buy! 

So which one would you go for or do you currently own any of these? Let me know!

1. Stokke - "Tripp Trapp"
+ Most expensive of the four at £159.00 for the seat plus extra for the cushion, baby set, etc. Would be more like £300 once everything has been purchased!
+ Can be used from birth (with a newborn set) and lasts into adulthood
+ Timeless design and gorgeous colours. I love the aqua blue!

2. OXO Tot - "Sprout"
+ Mid-priced option at £204.95 from John Lewis.
+ Can be used from 6 months to 5 years.
+ Sturdy looking!
+ Modern design, lovely colours!

3. BabaBing - "Noah"
+ More affordable at £150.00 as a complete package.
+ Lasts from 6 months to adulthood.
+ Clean, simple and compact with a modern design.

4. Phil & Teds - "Poppy"
+ Cheapest option at £84.99
+ Can be converted into child chair for use by children aged up to 5 years old.
+ Cute colours, again I love the blue!
+ Described as a lightweight option so i'm worried about using something like this when we have a rather bouncy dog in the house!


  1. I can't comment on the other chairs, but we used Tripp Trapps for both our boys and they are now 6 and 8 and still use them, so I think they are proving to be a good buy (adults, I've noticed, tend to like sitting on them as well).

  2. We use an Ikea one which is about £16 its brilliant easy to clean :) x

    Catherines Loves

  3. long time since I had my daughter....but for looks I would go for the first or last one....I think you should just go on looks, they all do the same thing and you have to look at it everyday...potentially for 5 years ;)

  4. I like the ones where the little one sits at the table with you. From the word go we always sat down together, perhaps not lunchtimes, teatimes during the week, but certainly weekend meals when we were all together. I think they learn a lot more about food when we are all eating together and certainly table manners.
    Julie xxx

  5. The phil & teds one looks the best out of your options there, easy to clean, (the others look such a faff with nooks & crannys for squished carrot&sweet potato to hide between! Yuk!) simple fun design and 'grow' with the little one.
    I see someone mentioned the Ikea chair, I had a flashy, expensive, nook and cranny chair first time round, hmm! So second child and I opted for the super cleanable, fun Ikea budget busting highchair and loved it x