Friday, 7 February 2014

Happy 4 Months!

- hello! -

Happy 4 month birthday to my precious little lady! Another month that has flown by and a month of some rather amazing changes! From rolling over to tiny giggles, finding a new hobby of intensely staring at people in restaurants to bouncing in her Jumperoo watching One Direction on the TV.... we've seen a lot and loved every minute!

I know these posts are probably more for my memory than anything else but here is a roundup of the past few weeks....

- I shall get the bad part out of the way first! We have well and truly hit the joyous 4 month regression where no night is complete without an Miss E party starting anywhere between 2am and 4.30am and lasting until the morning! In some ways this is worse than the newborn period because she's not screaming or hungry, she's just awake but wants to sleep and the things that used to settle her no longer do! We're currently riding it out and hoping it'll come to an end soon, there have been many super tired days round our house recently!  

- Miss E is getting better at tummy time recently, it was something she absolutely hated for the first three months but we can manage 5 or 10 minutes at a time now.... With smiles too! She also rolled over fully a few times now, she's getting stronger by the day and we love watching her grow!

- tummy time! -

- Miss E is currently wearing a mix of 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes, she's at a nice size where she can fit in both so she has heaps out outfits to choose from at the moment! The little lady has more clothes than me! 

- pretty in pink! -

- Her favourite thing at the moment is grabbing stuff (anything from toys to my hair!) and putting it in her mouth. She does a little wiggle dance before it goes in her mouth like "rarrrr, i'm going to eat you!".... It's incredibly cute! She also loves sitting/bouncing in her jumperoo watching the tv, Sooty seems to be her favourite show so far! 

- We've had a few little laughs too! Every time it's because she has seen Elsie's face close up, I guess a pug face looks funny to babies. It's hilarious! We also like to sit her next to Elsie so she can stroke her, she loves putting her fingers through her fur.... I'm not too sure how Elsie feels about it though! 

- She has outgrown her carrycot on the Stokke Xplory so we made the decision to move her to the pushchair seat. There was no way she'd last until 6 months in there, it was tiny! We bought her a cosy new footmuff from Kiddicare to keep her nice and warm in the new chair and she loves sitting up and looking around on our daily walk. I love that we can then recline her if she gets sleepy and she's still facing us so I still get to see her gorgeous face, it's all good!

- Although we don't plan on weaning her until she is 6 months old, we're now starting to look at equipment and ways of weaning. It seems a bit of a minefield so we have a lot of reading up to do before we decide on how (baby led or a more traditional approach?) so if any of you have any weaning stories or have written blog posts on the subject then please do let me know!

- I absolutely adore her tiny toes! -


  1. She's so adorable and what a cheeky smile


  2. She is a real cutie
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. She is perfect - what a gorgeous little face. xxxxx