Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Miss E at 20 Weeks....

My little munchkin turned 20 weeks old today! I'm not sure why but 20 weeks seems such a milestone for me, maybe because it's a round number! 
Miss E is growing so quickly at the moment and i'm loving every single second of being with her and being her mama. She's the most beautiful little girl with the cutest little personality! 

We're currently preparing for our weaning journey which I am super excited about. We did plan on waiting until she was 6 months old but she's so ready for food now so we hope to start within the next week or so. Our mealtimes currently revolve around her grabbing food off our plate and trying her best to get it in her mouth before we see so I can't wait to for her to eat with us and start enjoying food properly too! 

I took these photos a few days ago, she's wearing a cute little tank top that I found in a charity shop in Bakewell.... she looks absolutely adorable in it, don't you think?!   

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