Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Review - Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive

I'm an avid photo taker as I absolutely love to remember holidays, important occasions and special days visually. I'm sure many of us are in the same predicament but i'm guilty of being one of those people who has a laptop full of photos but rarely gets the time to back those files up (and other important documents!).  

It's absolutely heartbreaking to think about losing these precious digital files whether through computer failure, damage or theft so when Tesco Compare asked if i'd like to review the Seagate 1TB Expansion Desktop Drive as an easy solution for keeping our technology secured I couldn't say no! 

The Seagate 1TB Expansion Desktop Drive is a perfectly compact product and is just perfect for storing large amount of files away from your computer in addition to instantly adding more storage space on your computer whilst you're using it. 

Inside the box you receive the drive itself, a long power cable (with both UK and European interchangeable pins), a USB cable, warranty and a quick start guide. I found that the quick start guide wasn't needed as everything is very intuitive and straight forwards. Impressively, once plugged in you're ready to go.... no software to install and nothing to configure! 

I decided that I would try out the drive by backing up all of my photographs taken between 2003 and now (over 10 whole years worth of photographs!) and putting them all into one place. Currently they are scattered across DVDs and my laptop itself which is not ideal if you want to find a specific file or just have a browse through those memories!  

It's hard to imagine just how big 1TB of storage is and how much a drive of this size can hold. To be honest I thought it didn't sound like much but apparently 1TB is the same as 1000GB, 1000000MB or even 1000000000KB..... basically it can hold an awful lot! 

Storing the files is as easy as dragging and dropping into place too and it wasn't long before I had transferred over 47,000 photographs which amazingly used less than 10% of the space on the drive! I had planned on using the drive just for photos but I think it will be capable of holding my entire music collection on there too so I'll be doing that next.

Overall i'm really impressed with the capacity of the drive, it's ease of use and its simplicity in design. Although the product is compact, it's not a portable hard drive so you're unlikely to take it out and leave it unattended somewhere ensuring that your files are kept safe at home. 
It doesn't have built-in encryption so it's probably not ideal for confidential documents but it really is fantastic for storing large amounts of photos, videos, music, etc. 

The RRP of this product is .... and I think this is a fantastic price to pay for keeping your documents safe and together in one place!

This review was written in association with Tesco Compare home insurance, all words are my own. 


  1. So glad you posted this review. I wanted a hard drive to store my photos on as the discs I use make it almost as difficult to find photos and store. When I went into PC World they told me to use an internet service but I'm not convinced about that and would prefer something physical!


  2. It's always advisable to have a data storage hardware on the side; your materials should have that kind of insurance. But then, the external hard drives have that cap in memory size, whereas with online cloud storage, it tends to be infinite. Choose your options wisely, and employ as much of them as you can.

    Manda @ Scality

  3. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.Now days An external drive can be very important being used for many reason, storing large data files the number of data size, data backups, make more portable or mobile and easy to manage while traveling compare to adding an Internal hard drive memory capacity in your personal computer.