Thursday, 19 December 2013

Winter Scents with

You all know i'm obsessed with scented candles. I find it hard to relax at home without the warm comforting glow of a candle filling the room with fragrance, no matter what time of year it is! Winter is the best time of year to burn them though, and I find that scented candles are the perfect finishing touch for any festive room decor. are a great resource for all your candle needs and when they got in touch recently to see if I'd like to sample their expansive range, I couldn't say no! After browsing their website I was thrilled to see they stocked some of my favourite candle brands such as Yankee Candle and St Eval and I was impressed by their passion for candles as seen on their super interesting blog and YouTube channel.  

I was keen to sample some scents that I had not tried before but I couldn't resist sneaking in a few of my favourites too (I could never tire of Spiced Orange, it's beautiful!). I opted for winter scents that could be used to keep the house cosy after Christmas once the decorations have come down. Here's what I got....

Yankee Candle small housewarmer jars in 'Spiced Orange' and 'Vanilla Chai'

St Eval Candle Company candles in 'Inspiritus' and 'Orange & Cinnamon' 

Yankee Candle votive candles in 'Sparkling Cinnamon', 'Sugared Apple', 'Salted Caramel', 'Red Berry & Cedar' and 'Fireside Treats' 

I'm a big fan of mixing and layering scents so today I lit the small jars of Vanilla Chai and Spiced Orange alongside the Yankee Candle 'Gold Dust' candle that I currently have on the go..... I can't tell you how AMAZING these smell together! 

The beauty of layering scents is that there are no right or wrong way of doing it, it's completely down to personal preference and finding whats best for you! My all time favourite Yankee Candle combination is French Lavender and Fluffy Towels, perfect for bedtime! 

If you're a beginner with scented candles there are heaps of tips on how to use them on the youtube channel, here's a taste of what they have to offer.... 

Are you a fan of scented candles and have you shopped at before? If not then give them a visit here!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a dream of a website! I'm obsessed with scented candles, my favourite brand being Glasshouse (which I think might not be available in the UK?)... triple scented candles, they're ridiculously good.

    x Michelle |

  2. Fireside treats sounds utterly amazing. I'm going through a real 'i would like all of the candles' phase so this is my dream website right now hehe

    Jennie xo |