Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree....

Our Christmas decorations have been up for almost a week now so I thought that it was about time that I shared some photographs on here!   

We have a medium sized traditional fake tree (Elsie would nibble a real one!) in our living room which is decorated with ornaments collected over the years from our various travels. I love adding to it each year, making sure that we pick up a decoration or two when we go away. A lot of our decorations are from Disneyland and Paris and this year we have added to the tree with a few 'baby's first Christmas' decorations for Miss E. Not leaving Elsie out, we also found a decoration with her name on at Candletime in Meadowhall!. 

Elsewhere in the house we have festive plants and wreaths, plenty of candles and I have dug out the red table linen for the dining table. Our tablecloth and runner are by Ekelund Weavers and I picked these up at one of my favourite shops, Chalet in Bakewell.... I would buy everything in there if I could!   

Our last newest addition this year is the star light which hangs in our living room window. I saw a few of these in various windows last year and I vowed to find one for our home. After a lot of searching all over the internet, I finally tracked one down at The Range. It was only £9.99 too, a complete bargain! It's so tacky, flashy and bright when it gets dark.... I absolutely love it! 

Have you got your decorations up yet? If you've blogged about them then please do leave a comment with a link, i'd love to see your photos! 


  1. aww! this is beautiful! I've also put my decorations up a while ago, think the post will be up tomorrow. but it's nothing compared to yours. everything is just beautiful!!

  2. Oh so pretty. Emilia's decoration is adorable.