Friday, 20 December 2013

Miss E at 10 Weeks Old....

Watching Miss E change and grow on a daily basis is so rewarding and each day we love her so much more! We've had a busy few weeks and she's had a lot of outings and visitors, she also had her first immunisations (boo!) and has nursed her first cold (double boo!). Today I thought i'd share some of her most recent developments:

We got her weighed on Wednesday and she's reached 10lb 11oz, up from 7lb 1oz when she was born. She's getting real chunky and more sturdy by the day! 

Newborn clothes have just about been outgrown and she's now comfortable in size 0-3 months which is great as she has so many lovely outfits this size!  

She was finally discharged from the maternity wing last week after a final heart murmur scan at the hospital which came back perfectly fine. I'm so glad she's ok now and that we won't have to visit that particular ward again. 

She's recently discovered her hands and loves spending a while in the morning watching them and following them move! She can also grasp things though it takes a lot of concentration, it's so adorable to watch! 

She also loves being read stories in the evening, either through books or on the iPad. We purchased the Disney Classics app for the iPad recently and she loves watching the pages come to life as either Ben or myself reads along to her! 

We've had quite a few good nights with the Bednest now, it was an expensive investment and I was worried that she wouldn't take to it but I really wouldn't be without it now. I love having her so close at night! So, so much better than a moses basket or bedside crib. It has the ability to be tilted too which has been great in the past week or so when she's had a snuffly nose due to a cold. 

Finally, she's more interested in being upright now and watching the world round her.... she absolutely doesn't like to lie down unless it's for sleeping purposes or playtime on her play mat! She's quite steady with her head now so I sit her on my lap whenever I hold her, in any other position she usually cries! 


  1. awhhh! Glad sleep has got a bit better! Her birth weight is identical to Ophelia's! Hope you all enjoy your first Christmas together. xx

  2. sorry this is late, but a big Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter- lovely name x