Wednesday, 11 September 2013

End of Summer....

We spend a lot of time in Whirlowbrook Park. The park is situated just on the edge of Sheffield and houses the beautiful Whirlowbrook Hall in its grounds which is currently used as a wedding venue and conference centre. Up until October last year, the hall also had a wonderful cafe and the park is distinctly quieter now that it is no longer there (so sad!). 
Nevertheless, it is still one of our favourite places to walk Elsie as there are so many parts for her to explore and there are often plenty of other dogs to play with! It is especially nice at the end of summer when the trees are starting to change and the last of the summer flowers are out. 

On a morning out there last week we spent an hour or two in the park and for once I remembered to take my camera out with me....


  1. I love Whirlowbrook Park - you've captured the colours so well. Such a shame about the cafe - I didn't realise it had closed.

    1. It closed when fretwell downing surrendered their lease after over 60 years of the cafe being open, the new owners have promised to build a seperate cafe in the park but no sign of it yet! x

  2. What a lovely place to visit - one day :)

  3. Beautiful photos. I will have to remember this place to walk Max when we're visiting family in Sheff :) x

  4. Oh such a lovely post! That place looks dreamy.

    I love your blog, it's so lovely!!!
    Super congratulations on your nearly-here bubba! How exciting for you!


  5. looks like such a lovely day out xx