Monday, 5 August 2013

Twinings Tea Review....

A few weeks ago I was very kindly sent some Twinings tea to review. If you know me, then you'll know I am a massive tea addict so when this bundle of goodness arrived in the post I couldn't wait to get the kettle on.... any excuse for a spot of afternoon tea, haha! 

Since becoming pregnant I have been limiting my caffeine intake, instead opting for decaf teas where possible and having fun trying out new things. I was sent three flavours to try from the Twinings range, these were "Double Mint Sensation", "Camomile & Maple Sensation" and "Purifying Dandelion".

After trying the different teas, here are my verdicts.... 

Double Mint Sensation

Part of the "Herbal Sensations" range, this is certainly my favourite of the three and one that I really enjoy drinking. With this tea, Twinings have boosted the fresh, intense flavour of peppermint leaves by adding mint oil. As soon as the box is opened, you are hit with the most amazing scent! This tea has an intense but refreshing flavour, ideal as an after-dinner treat! 

Camomile & Maple Sensation

Another tea from the "Herbal Sensations" range, this one combines the wonderful flavours of camomile flowers with maple and Madagascan vanilla. All I could think of when I first opened the box was pancakes with maple syrup.... it smells just like that! For this tea, the traditional flavours of the camomile flower have been heightened by the richness of maple and rounded up with a gentle hint of vanilla. Lovely! 

Purifying Dandelion

This tea forms part of the "Featured Teas" range from Twinings and i'm going to be honest, I didn't really get on with this one. This tea is certainly good for you though.... made with pure, all natural ingredients and naturally caffeine free with no added sugar. Dandelion is also traditionally known for its gentle cleansing effects. 
This tea has a very strong, nutty taste and is certainly drinkable but unfortunately not for me!

Hop over to the Twinings website for more information about their wonderful teas and to visit the extensive online shop where you can buy everything from 'new baby gifts' to pick'n mix tea bags! 


  1. You need to try butter mint sensation!
    It's my fave
    It reminds of the mints my nana always used to eat x

  2. I cannot get on board with flavoured teas although the maple one sounds like I must give it a try!


  3. these look delicious! I also love all your mugs, where did you get them? x