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Happy Yankee Candle Ownership: Part 3 - Choosing Your Scent & Mixology....

It has been a long time coming but here is part 3 of my "Happy Yankee Candle Ownership" blog posts!

Choosing Your Scent....

If you're relatively new to Yankee Candle, choosing a scent to buy from the many on offer couldn't be easier! Everyone has their favourite kind of scent. For me, I love food and festive scents in the winter and clean fresh scents in the summer so heading for a type of fragrance or 'fragrance family' as Yankee call it will instantly narrow down your choice and help you to choose your next candle. 

Having these fragrance families is especially helpful if you're buying blind (buying online or from QVC for example) as coupled with the gorgeous descriptions that Yankee always give you'll know just what kind of scent to expect in the post! 

Every Yankee Candle fragrance is grouped by a specific scent family and these are always noted by a gold circle on the bottom right hand side of every jar candle.....

It's in this gold label that you'll also find the special 'collectors editions' so keep an eye out for these! 

There are five main groups that you can choose from and within these you'll find both true to life and fantasy fragrances. The fragrance families are:

Floral: Includes Fresh Cut Roses, French Lavender and Garden Sweet Pea
Food & Spice: Includes Strawberry Buttercream, Cinnamon Stick and Kitchen Spice
Festive: Includes Sparkling Snow, Happy Christmas and White Christmas
Fruit: Includes Wild Passion Fruit, Mango Peach Salsa and Sweet Strawberry
Fresh: Includes Clean Cotton, Fluffy Towels and Pink Sands

Fragrances within these families are often rotated and retired to make way for new scents so it is worth getting to know which scents are the constant bestsellers and which scents are due to be retired so that you can stock up just in case you fall in love with a fragrance that isn't always for sale! 


Mixology is the name given to the art of creating new fragrances by mixing together two or more of your scents. There are a few really super easy ways of doing this and by knowing your scent families, you'll soon get the knack of knowing what scents goes with others!

There are two main methods of creating your own fragrances and the easiest way is by using the scented wax tarts. Simply select two or three different wax tarts and use a knife to either halve or third and place the equivalent of one tart of wax in a tart warmer. Once the wax has melted it will combine to create a completely new scent!

With sampler votive candles, you can purchase a triple votive holder that will readily hold three different candles that melt together and pool to create wonderful new scents. Ensure that you place a few drops of water in the base of the holder before you insert your candles, this allows the wax to be easily removed once you're done!

Votive mixology gift set

The fragrance combinations are limited only by your imagination but there are official lists created by Mixologists if you get a bit stuck. You can find these with a simple search on google! Here is a pretty concise list of Mixology recipes to get you going though over at Yankee Direct.

My favourite scent combination is Fluffy Towels and French Lavender which is just perfect for the bedroom  or bath time in the evening! So utterly relaxing, it truly is blissful!

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