Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snow Day (Again)....

Well, this certainly isn't March weather! I'm thoroughly ready for spring, just like the rest of Britain at the moment! Today we were supposed to be spending the day in the Peak District hopping round various Easter fairs, car boot sales and a one-off clearance sale up at Over Haddon but the weather has put a stop to all of that.... boo! 

Instead we had a bit of a lazy day. We did a bit of shopping, visited the pet store for Elsie's birthday presents and had a bit of a potter around the General Cemetery which is just by where I live. Usually it is pretty quiet there but today the place was filled with keen photographers, dogs playing in the snow and there was plenty of sledging going on! On our way through we also stumbled upon a 'snow skeleton' which somebody had amusingly created rising from the front of one of the memorials. The cemetery is really pretty in the snow and I always linger a bit longer when it is covered in a blanket of white.

We weren't out for long but by the time we had got back my toes were numb and I couldn't feel my fingers! What month is it again?! 



  1. Elsie looks cute all bundled up.

    Great photos. Very atmospheric!

  2. The snow is spoiling everyone's fun.

    Beautiful shots. I hope you are well.

  3. Elsie looks like she's having lots of fun in the snow! I never thought we would have snow agan in Sheffield in March, wishing for some Spring sunshine. p.s Love those wellies xxx

  4. Elsie looks very cosy and cute with her little jacket! :-) Sundays are best spent pottering I always think! It sounds like you had a lovely day regardless of missing out on your plans

    Jem xXx

  5. Elsie is such a sweetheart, she looks so cute in her coat! Bailey refuses to wear one! I always love your photographs <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. Elsie is so grown-up now, and so cute!
    Loving the location and the photos but I'm so over snow now! x

  7. This weather may be absolutely nuts, but your pictures are beautiful! Fortunately, we have no snow down here in Devon, unfortunately, it's still absolutely freezing. Come on sun, where are you hiding?! x