Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Review: Snugg iPad 4 Case Cover....

I can honestly say that I love owning an iPad. I use it for pretty much everything, from browsing the Internet to blogging and from reading magazines and books to gaming. It's fabulous!

As I use the iPad so much (too much?!), I've been on the lookout for a stylish, hard wearing and practical case for a few months now but there hasn't really been anything out there that ticks all the boxes for me. They are either pretty but impractical or practical but ugly! 

I was offered the chance to review a Snugg case recently and after taking a look at their website, I finally found the case of my dreams..... the Snugg iPad 4 case cover and flip stand in baby pink PU leather. What a beauty

In practical terms, the case is just perfect. Keeping your iPad safe and secure whilst still giving you full access to the various ports, buttons and cameras. No need to take the cover off for anything, ever. Anything that doesn't involve a load of faffing is amazing in my book! 

I think my favourite feature of this case though is the automatic sleep/wake capabilities within the magnetic cover. As soon as the front cover is open, the iPad turns itself on ready for instant use and it turns off when you close it. Magic! Great for extending the life of your iPad battery too! 

Snugg cases are available in a multitude of colours but I opted for baby pink. I just love the super soft PU leather material in this colour. Easily wiped clean, scratch resistant and incredibly well made. This case is going to last me a long, long time!  

The case comes complete with features such as a stylus loop (stylus not included), elastic hand strap and flip stand. The flip stand is super sturdy and has a strong hook at the back to keep your case upright. The stand can be used in two ways, either upright (great for FaceTime or watching films!)..... 

.... or it can stand like this..... 

.... great for Internet browsing, gaming and well, pretty much everything! 

Overall and I am really pleased with this case. Every part of the design has been really well thought out and the quality of the material is beautiful. 
The case I received is the "Snugg iPad 4 case cover and flip stand in PU pink leather", available here on the Snugg UK website for a recommended retail price of £49.99 but currently reduced to £34.99! Bargain! 

If you like the look of this case but don't own an iPad 4, don't worry! Snugg make cases for all iPad models as well as cases for many other tablets, iPhones, smartphones and kindles.

You can visit the Snugg UK website here.  


  1. i love my ipad for blogging, i browse while im on my exercise bike lol xx


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  4. My current cover is pretty grubby so this is perfect timing for me to check out new ones! :) I used to worry that I'd really have to justify to myself why I got an ipad, but I actually use it every day and for work too so I don't feel so guilty any more :) xx

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