Thursday, 27 December 2012

Think Pink: Bargains at Lush....

Firstly, I hope that you all had a magical, peaceful Christmas and Santa bought you everything you wanted! I had a wonderful time and feel very lucky, i'll be blogging about it all soon i'm sure! 

I'm not a huge high street sales shopper but when Boxing Day comes around each year, I do bookmark my favourite brands to see if I can get myself a bargain or two! Lush is probably one of my favourite places to head for as the Christmas gifts and products are reduced by a whopping 50%. 
As I was working today, I asked my mum to pick up some stuff for me before they sell out of everything and she kindly chose me a Think Pink hat box and a Magic Wand Bubble Bar, both half price.  

I received lots of Lush products for Christmas too so i'm super stocked up now and can't wait to start using everything! 

Whilst we're on the topic of Lush, look what I found in a Bakewell charity shop last week.... 

.... a brand new 500g bottle of freshly made Snow Fairy for £1.49! Bargain!

Have you been out to the sales yet and found any good bargains? Please do share your best buys so far!


  1. I've only found a few bits - and they were both from Next! A cute nostalgic cushion for my Mum and a pretty glass bottle for me.
    Love Lush! xxx

  2. Oh, I really need to try Lush products!

  3. The Lush sale certainly sells out quickly, I went down there today to get some and most of it was sold out.

  4. You did well, and what beautiful packaging!

  5. Oh I would never think to go to lush sale but I will start now!
    I got all the family Christmas cards for next year so feeling pretty smug.
    Have a great new year
    ; ) x