Monday, 10 December 2012

Our Christmas Tree....

Here is our Christmas tree! It's not big, it's not real (Elsie would most certainly try and eat a real one!) and it certainly isn't modern but I love it. We have simple sparkling white lights adorning the tree from top to bottom and the actual decorations have been collected over the years on various adventures and holidays. It's a tree of happy memories! 

The rest of the house is now trimmed up for the festive season and we completed the decorating with a handmade fresh wreath on the front door which we purchased from Matlock Meadows out in Derbyshire this weekend. 

It all looks very festive and cosy now.... I can't wait for Christmas! 


  1. You have so many cute decorations! I like the owl.

  2. A tree filled with happy memories is the best kind!

  3. We collect a few new decorations each year so hopefully by the time we're old we will have so many to look back on.

    I really want a wreath for our door :)