Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Happy Yankee Candle Ownership: Part 2 - Different Types of Candles....

As part of my "Happy Yankee Candle Ownership" series, today i'm going to write a bit more detail about the main types of Yankee Candle products that you can pick up from any good Yankee Candle retailer. The full range of products that they sell is pretty much insane and includes everything from pillar candles to lip balms and from aromatherapy and car products to hand sanitisers. Here are the most popular products and a little more on burn times and how to use them.... 

Wax Tarts

  • Wax tarts are perfect for people without too much time! When placed in a tart warmer with an unscented tea light underneath, they can melt and fill any room with intense fragrance within about 5-10 minutes. 
  • The tarts will melt whilst producing a scent for around 8 hours. After this, a pool of wax will still remain in the burner but it will no longer produce a scent. 
  • Once the scent has been fully used up, simply extinguish the tea light and let the wax cool. You can then simply pop out the hardened wax and discard ready for your next tart!
  • Wax tarts are perfect for mixology (creating your own scents.... i'll talk about this in part 3!). Simply break two or three tarts up and pop them together in a tart warmer to create a unique scent. 

Scented Tea Lights

  • These can burn for a total of around 4-6 hours each.
  • They come packaged in individual clear cups (no naff silver casing with these!) which really show off the colour intensity of the wax.
  • They also are pretty special in that they can float! Great for seasonal displays and table centerpieces.
  • The scented tea lights are to be burnt on their own..... don't put them in a burner with a wax tart!
  • Don't underestimate these little candles.... even though they are small in size, they are packed full of fragrance!

Unscented Tea Lights
  • These can be purchased in bulk from most Yankee Candle retailers.
  • As with the scented versions, they burn for a total of around 4 - 6 hours each.
  • They are perfect for use in tart warmers for melting scented wax tarts.

Sampler (Votive) Candles

  • Samplers can burn for around 15 hours or so. These are a good size for trying out new scents before you commit to making larger and more expensive glass jar purchases!
  • As with the tea lights, samplers are a good size for candlescaping at home as many can be burnt at the same time without becoming overwhelming. 
  • As these candles have no form of container, they absolutely must be burnt within a suitable votive holder. They must never be burnt on their own otherwise you'll end up with a pool of wax on your furniture and most likely a house fire! 
  • The standard wick on samplers is super long so they must be trimmed before first being lit!  

Glass Jar and Tumbler Candles 

  • These are my favourite types of Yankee Candles! Jam packed full of fragrance, these candles are where you'll get your best value for money. 
  • Convenient, easy to use and utterly gorgeous in their signature glass jar holders which can be cleaned out once finished and used as air-tight storage containers. 
  • Burn times for classic housewarmer jar candles are as follows: small jar (25-40 hours), medium jar (65-90 hours), large jar (110-150 hours)
  • Tumbler candles have the following burn times: regular (35-50 hours), medium (40-50 hours), large tumbler (70-90 hours)
  • Jar candles will stop burning roughly 1.5cm from the bottom..... this is a super neat safety feature to ensure that the glass does not get too hot and shatter. 
  • There are many accessories you can purchase to use with your housewarmer jars (not tumblers!).  These include trays, shades and illuma-lid toppers (these reduce the damaging effects of drafts to your candle!).
  • As mentioned in Part 1, ensure you have time for these candles and burn the correct size according to how much time you have. It is important when you have your candle lit that the pool of melted wax reaches the outer edges of the jar before you extinguish (large jars can take up to 4-6 hours at a time so be careful!). This ensures that your candle does not 'tunnel' down the center, wasting your money and ruining your candle 


  1. Ahhh, really enjoying this series of posts. I have used a few Yankee candles over the years and recently bought some tarts and was completely stumped as to how they worked. I was looking for the wick at first!

    Great tips and I'm looking forward to part 3!

  2. I really like the tea lights because they are so much bigger and deeper than average tea lights, I really want to get some more :)

  3. couldn't find part 3, is there one? anyway, I loved these two posts, I love yankee candles too, too bad I can't really find them in my town and the delivery charges are insane. but I do get them from time to time.