Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Happy Yankee Candle Ownership: Part 1 - Buying & Basic Tips....

For a number of years now, I have been obsessed with Yankee Candles. Their "true to life" scents are authentic, bold, long lasting and are just perfect for turning a house into a home. From classic floral, fresh and fruity scents to festive aromas and daring limited edition ranges.... there really is something for every taste and every house! 

I'm often asked about my ridiculous collection and I thought that it would be good to write up a few guides on "Happy Yankee Candle Ownership" for those who are new to this brand or indeed those wanting to get the most out of their favourite candles. Obviously I am by no means an expert but I just wanted to share some tips and resources that I have picked up along the way!

You know me, I like a good bargain so here are some of my favourite ways to buy discount (and current season full priced) Yankee Candles in the UK...

QVC UK - I love QVC! Check the show schedules and look out for 'Yankee Candle days' where you can pick up large sets of goodies with substantial savings. There are often shows towards Christmas time selling themed sets with fragrances that readily complement each other (I'll talk about Mixology if you want to do it yourself in another post!).... these are my favourites!

Outlet stores - There are quite a few discount Yankee Candle outlet stores and concessions around the UK such as Swindon Designer Outlet, Boundary Mills, and Hallmark outlets who all sell heavily discounted candles and past season accessories.

Car boot sales and flea markets - Surprisingly good for picking up brand new Yankees. Recently I picked up 5 Christmas Yankee Candles for a total of £1 as the lady selling them said she didn't know what they were!

eBay -  Here is where you can find everything from job lots and super rare 'black banded' candles to retired scents and goods shipped from America. It is worth checking regularly for good deals!

Other online outlets - Yankee Candle UK (of course!), Yankee Doodle, Yankee Direct, The Yankee Shop, Yankee Planet

When not in use, always store your candles carefully in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading, melting and cracking. Smaller items such as wax tarts and votives still provide fragrance through the packaging so these are perfect for storing in drawers or a wardrobe where they will give off a gentle fragrance.

Always keep your wick trimmed to 1/2cm to ensure that your candle burns safely with minimal flickering and does not smoke. If your wick begins to produce a black 'mushroom' then just extinguish, trim and relight your candle! You can buy Yankee Candle wick trimmers that ensure your wick is always effortlessly trimmed to the correct length here.

Ensure you have time for your candles and burn the correct size according to how much time you have. It is important when you have your candle lit that the pool of melted wax reaches the outer edges of the jar before you extinguish (large jars can take up to 4-6 hours at a time so be careful!). This ensures that your candle does not 'tunnel' down the center, wasting your money and ruining your candle.
I like to have a good collection of different sizes so I always have something to hand even if I only have 20 minutes spare.... wax tarts are perfect for this as they only take 15 or so minutes to completely fill a room with scent.

If you can, burn your candle with a Yankee Candle shade in place.... this can protect your candle, keep it looking clean and they also trap some of the heat ensuring quicker burn times if you don't have a lot of time to spare. They also look super pretty too!

If the inner glass on your candle becomes coated in soot then grab a sheet of dry kitchen roll and give it a good wipe over before you next light it. This is best done whilst the glass is still warm after extinguishing a flame.

Finally (and most obviously), always burn your candles on a heatproof surface and never leave them unattended! You can buy dedicated beautiful Yankee Candle trays and dishes to place your candles on, so there's no need for ruined surfaces!

Part 2 coming soon.... 


  1. I love Yankee Candles :D I popped in to Clintons today to see what the offer of the month was and as I was in there they were just unpacking there Christmas stock, so I grabbed Red Apple Wreath with both hands :D x

  2. I absolutely adore Yankee candles, they're so lovely, especially for burning at this time of the year. Fresh Cut Roses is divine!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. I have a couple of the tarts I bought years ago and have hardly used! I do like their scents, but I think my hubbie would leave home if I bought any more candles as I still have loads from when I was a rep for Partylite!

  4. This is great, I'd just been debating getting some from Boundary Mills- which ones would you advise for a scent that really fills the room? Would you be able to post a couple of recommendations on my blog- it would be much appreciated! I love strong scents e.g. christmassy smells.Rx


  5. I bought my first yankee candles this year - I have a small jar of fruit fusion and medium jar red velvet one. Their scents are so much better than any other candles, I really see why people rave about them over others! They fill the house with such a great scent. I always thought they were too expensive but it's a nice treat and makes the home seem so cosy. The bit about trimming the wick is interesting as I haven't done that with mine. I think I need some smaller sizes to avoid the tunneling down effect with bigger jars too.

  6. This is a pretty genius post. I had no idea about how to avoid the tunnel issue! Thank you :)

    I tend to buy This Works and Diptyque once a year but am going to try and give these a go! x

    1. ahh thanks! I've not tried This Works candles before, Diptyque are lovely though :D

  7. I've only just come across your blog today while googling for car boot finds! Am loving it and we seem to have a bit in common, two guinea pigs :) I have a grumpy 15 year old cat rather than a naughty pug though ;)

    I was just wondering what camera you used? Am looking to update and yours takes some amazing clear photos :) Also I reallllly want a yankee candle now! Though I think my other half would have a heart attack if he found out how much they cost... I shall find a way. Hopefully he'll love the smell so much he'll see it's worth it. Let him smell and enjoy and then tell him *nods*

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you for your comment, nice to meed a fellow piggy owner!

      The camera I use is a white Nikon 1.... it's not a professional camera and is a nice handy size for taking out and about. It also takes amazing photographs considering I know nothing about photography!

      Treat yourself to a candle, they are not so expensive as they do last an awful long time! xx

  8. I've never ventured into the world of Yankee candles, but I'm always curious to read about them, and I think they make great presents too xxx

  9. This is so helpful, my sister and I just read your Yankee candle advice together as we love them. We didn't give the tunneling a thought so it's great to know. Also the shades, we have them simply to look pretty but it's interesting to know they have a use. We buy the candles and accessories as gifts for each other, or for ourselves if we see a good offer! We like Masson Mill in Cromford, Derbyshire for Yankee candles, they do a loyalty scheme for them there too. Love reading your blog, it's smashing. I've never left a comment on here and not sure what the profile thing is all about so it comes up as anonymous, sorry, Rebekah X