Friday, 19 October 2012

Blackpool, I Love You....

Last weekend we took a trip to Blackpool! Those who read my blog regularly will know that Blackpool is one of my favourite places ever, ever, ever. To say that it gets such bad press it really does have fantastic shopping opportunities (i'm overly fond of the craft shops and charity shops) , first class entertainment venues  (including Funny Girls!) and incredible (& accessible) public art, not to mention the recent wonderful investment into the new transport system and recently finished promenade. 

This weekend we took Elsie for the first time.... she loved spending time on the beach, staying in a proper B&B and of course, she loved all the attention from locals and passing tourists! Her adventure did make her a little tired though so she's been spending this week recovering and being very lazy! 

Finding dog friendly places to eat is always unnecessarily hard, especially on holidays. Luckily we managed to stumble upon a nice little bistro in nearby St Annes providing outdoor evening seating complete with fairy lights, lanterns and heaters.... wonderful! Later that evening we attempted a tour of the illuminations which celebrate their centenary this year. We only managed to see them partially though due to the sheer volume of people who had the same idea! 

It was a lovely weekend and I can't wait to go back! 




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  2. Aww looks like Elsie had fun at the beach :) how cute. (oops, that was me logged in to the wrong account above, sorry!)

  3. Did you realise that the grafitti at the pleasure beach was done by Rocket01 from Sheffield?

    I don't share your enthusiasm for Blackpool unfortunatley, I think that they have spoiled it, but your photos are brilliant.

    1. ahh, I didn't know that but I did think the style looked very familiar which is why I snapped it! xx

  4. oh wow your photos make Blackpool look so good, we took the children from school a couple of years ago and it was a grey old day and Blackpool didn't look that good!

  5. I've never been to blackpool! I would like to go though, i've heard very mixed reviews about it, but this post has won me over, i think!
    Lovely photos :) xx

  6. I've still never been! Your pictures make Blackpool look gorgeous, you look beautiful and Elsie's all grown up! x

  7. I must admit I've only been to Blackpool when I was a lot younger, I would love to go back one day. One of my closest pen pals lives in Blackpool and is always telling my how beautiful it is xxx