Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bathroom Planning: Travertine Mosaic Tiles....

Whilst on holiday in Padstow last October we fell in love with the bathrooms in the cottage we were staying. The design was amazingly simple but the rooms were beautifully finished to a high standard with black accessories, artwork and nautical pieces hung from the walls as a nice contrast to the modern bathroom furniture. 

I really loved the travertine brick mosaic tiles that were used on the walls and floors in Padstow, they really finished off the room and looked lovely with the chalky grey walls. I'm super torn between having these tiles for our bathroom and the Retro Metro tiles I featured a few weeks ago

Having a good search on the Internet, I found the amazing Travertine Warehouse who sell a huge range of these tiles cheaply. I requested some samples from them and they were sent within a day, I'm really impressed! 

Which tiles do you prefer out of these and the Retro Metro tiles? Please do let me know! 



  1. We're in the process of decorating our bathroom at the moment. We're at the stage where we're ready to buy the tiles and get cracking.

    We have said all along we like travertine tiles but they come in all shapes and sizes and we're not too sure which ones to go for though.

    I have been tempted by the metro tiles as they're awesome but they're a little pricey and as our bathroom is quite large I think we need tiles slightly bigger otherwise it will take forever.

    I like the images you have picked out above.


  2. the ones on this page! lovely cosy bathroom!x

  3. I like these! It looks cosy and warm... I love pops of colour, but I think I would want a simple bathroom :)

  4. The metro tiles are generally more kitchen splash back styley. If price isn't an issue and you like the retro/vintage look have a t Topps Tiles 'Chic Craquele' range...they're gorgeous!

    And travertine being a natural stone would add value to your home in the long run ;)

    Belle x

  5. Hello Lovely, long time since I have been by, so long you have changed your name.
    I love both tiles, I am a huge fan of the retro ones personally, but I must say I think I prefer these, it feels warmer, nicer for those winter evenings in the bath xx