Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bathroom Planning: Fired Earth - Retro Metro Tiles....

Since starting to look for inspiration for our bathroom, I have become obsessed with looking at tiles. There is just so much choice out there that every time I pick up a brochure, I get a little bit light headed and overwhelmed! But it is addictive, I will admit that I genuinely love looking at tiles! 

I have contacted numerous companies requesting brochures and samples and I think it is at this point you start seeing which companies are worth shopping with and those that are not. Fired Earth have been excellent with their customer service and their brochures are wonderfully set out, I am super pleased so far!

I've loved the look of metro tiles for quite some time and i'm pretty much certain that we'll be using them in the bathroom although we still have a few more options to explore. The Fired Earth "Retro Metro" tiles have a lovely soft crackle glaze to the surface and they look really beautiful in the light. My favourites are "Lime House" and "Serpentine Blue" but i'm also rather fond of "Holland Park"!  

The tiles are pretty pricey at £0.79 per tile (£69.70 per m2) but well worth the money and we have a really compact space to work with so the price is justified.... I am pretty smitten with them!  



  1. I loved the lime house tiles but have found a brilliant alternative for half the price. Try Tons of Tiles (just Google them), they are £35 per metre. We've received our tiles and they look great but have yet to out them up until our kitchen is refitted.
    Hen x

    1. Oh thanks for this! I'd only just read about Tons of Tiles earlier today so i'll definitely take a look.... i'm all for saving a few pennies! xx

    2. I love these tiles too - I have them in my kitchen and am just looking to use them in our bathroom. I used Tons of Tiles and they were great! Half the price of fired earth but identical tiles! Their custmer service was excellent and nothing was to much trouble for them. We had our tiles delivered the next day.

      Lizziemoo :)

  2. I've been geeking it up looking at tiles recently too :) these are really lovely, although I think the bf will kill me, this would take him ages to do compared to those big tiles you can get. te he. xx

  3. Hi just came across your blog whilst googling these tiles!..
    I have just listed Fired Earth Retro Metro tiles in cream (Marble Arch) and grey (Holland Park) on ebay. I have two boxes unopened of each colour (each box containing 116 tiles) if your interested???
    Sarah x