Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Instagram, I love you....

I'm a little bit addicted to Instagram, it;s certainly one of my most frequently used apps on the iPhone! I love it's ease of use and it's ability to turn a plain old photograph into something a little bit special! 
Usually, the only time I think to use it is when Miss Elsie is around hence the large proportion of Pug photographs! Still, it's nice to have a reminder of how much she is growing (and how naughty she is getting!).

Here are a few recent snaps from the past few weeks or so. My username is littleowl_ if you'd like to be buddies on there!

Miss Elsie digging up our garden // Her new favourite game.... trying to get under the wardrobe.

Sharing a pear with Mr Ted // Homemade green lentil bolognese with spaghetti
Me & my blue hair // My one and only Easter egg, a huge Kinder Surprise from my mum <3

Favourite nail colours // The naughty bed thief!

Pimping my coffee tables with Farrow & Ball // Elsie refusing to move from a wheelchair at the flea market

Tea in my favourite mugs // Flea market fabric finds

Snack time // Sleepy Pug time <3

A cheeky sundae at Harvester // The wonderful chip menu at the seaside!

Cath Kidston pumps // Some of my favourite Yankee scents


  1. I really really really love instagram too! Although, I do have way more pointless pictures on my phone now than I did before I discovered it haha Lovely pictures sweet xx

  2. Oh my god I love instagram! My timeline is filled with pugs, I think I must follow every fellow pug owner on instagram. I love it so much!



  3. Hello sweet Rebecca! I have not heard of Instagram! Oh dear, I need an iPhone! :) I love all of your wonderful photos and I am so glad you are having fun with it! Miss Elise is so aDoRaBlE!!! Our doggies love to dig in the garden too! The three of them can dig quite a crater! You are so gorgeous! I love your blue hair! The Cath Kidston pumps are darling and everything else is fabulous! Thank you so much for visiting me sweetie and for your sweet comment!!! My garden does bring me a lot of happiness, as I know yours does you! It really is good for your spirit! I love my gorgeous brooch and earrings that you made!!! You are so talented and creative and I enjoy wearing them often! I am so glad you have your lovely Etsy shop!!! Much love, Paula xoxo

  4. Hi Rebecca!
    Love your instagram pictures! Your blue hair is just so beautiful!!

  5. blue hair how coraline love it rachel x

  6. Elsie is absolutely adorable and how she has grown into such a beautiful dog. I've never seen those giant Kinder Eggs before but it sure does look like a real treat of an egg xxx

  7. your hair looks great!!!love that pics...you should put up more pics of you with your new lovely hair :)

  8. I love your Cath Kidston pumps! I have one of her large mugs too, perfect for my early morning tea :)
    R xx

  9. I'm obsessed with Instagram as well! Your pictures are way cuter than mine though haha x