Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Out of Hibernation....

I can't believe how long it has been since I last updated my blog! Moving in to our new house has been truly exhausting with plenty of setbacks including major damp, leaks, floods and faulty electrics. We're getting there though, slowly!

We officially moved in just before Christmas and I'm enjoying playing house, having my own space and a craft room/office for making things!

The house is a three bedroom Victorian terrace with an enclosed private garden, perfect for the Pug! The rooms are small (cosy!) but the build is solid with everything that we need. Currently we have all rooms decorated but we desperately need a new kitchen and bathroom, something we'll need to save hard for over the next year or so!

I thought that I would share some pictures of our progress over the next few weeks, starting with the living room!


I hated everything about this room from the orange woodwork to the blown vinyl wallpaper and cheap light fittings so got straight to work ripping everything out apart from the fireplace..... I'm quite fond of the pretty patterns it makes when it is turned on!

Here is what the walls looked like half way through, so horrible.......

Half way through decorating we found out that we needed the house rewiring so we had a few weeks of missing floorboards and holes in the walls, joy! We had extra sockets installed at the same time as well as all new light fittings so it wasn't all that bad!

After the walls were filled and prepared, we painted them using Crown's Earth Balance paint in "Open Air" and "Magnolia". I'm not usually a fan of magnolia but I loved how these colours worked together with the furniture we were going to be putting in.

The floor is my favourite thing in the room and was a huge treat for us! It is handwoven seagrass and smells so lovely when you walk in the house. We chose the natural seagrass as opposed to dyed or processed because the colour of it is just amazing....

Here are a few shots of the room as it was for Christmas. We still need prints framing/hanging and trinkets will start being displayed but I quite like how uncluttered it is at the moment!

The sofas were from DFS and are a lovely teal/turquoise colour in real life. The coffee table is also a favourite and was handmade by a local craftsman, we bought it 2nd hand on eBay for a bargainous £30!

The wall lights are the John Lewis "Ashino" but I didn't want to pay £45 per fitting so after a quick search on Amazon, I found them on there for £30 each.... much better!

Can you spy Miss Elsie relaxing on the sofa?! The wicker basket next to the sofa contains some of her toys and coats, she is so spoilt!

And no room of mine would be complete without a Yankee Candle.... or three!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I look forwards to getting our Internet connection sorted so I can catch up on all your lovely blogs as soon as possible!

See you soon! xx


  1. Your house is looking great! I loved doing my house up - it feels so good when it's all finished and cosy! xx

  2. Oh my goodness it looks great! And also PUG! Lovin your sofa dweller!


  3. It's so good to see you back, your house is looking so lovely and I am sure all of the hard work and time will be worthwhile. I love seeing other peoples homes, it's always so inspiring xxx

  4. You have a lovely room!
    Happy New Year x

  5. It's looking great! We have a very similar size lounge - cosy is definitely the word. I love what you've done and look forward to seeing more - I'm very nosey! x x

  6. Your room is lovely
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. It looks gorgeous! We've got some decorating to do this year and I'm really looking forward to it.

  8. It is beautiful. And I LOVE Yankee candles. I have a giant lemonade one on our fireplace :) xx

  9. Wow! Your room is lovely, great proportions, too. x

  10. It looks ever so cozy in there now and bright!

  11. Wow you've been working hard, it looks great! We've been here for over 5 years now and have only just bought light fittings for the living room.

    Happy New Year! Beth/the linen cat

  12. Welcome back!

    Your new home looks fabulous!

    Victoria xx

  13. I want to see more house stuff! Looks great. And what a cute Pug :)

  14. It looks amazing - well done! :)

  15. Thanks so mcuh for your lovely comment on my blog :) Your living room is looking lovely! Your photos from Cornwall look beautiful too, you have a real eye for photography. I live in Penzance, you'll have to stop by there next time you visit Cornwall :)

    Jessie, xo

  16. Awww such a cute little pug :p
    x x x

  17. Oooh the room looks gorgeous now, I love what you've done with it! And your doggy is super cute, I love pugs. x

  18. Great job guys! It looks lovely. Hope you guys are enjoying your new home :) x

  19. OHHH now i saw that you moved too hehehe!Just like us. Isnt it lovely to make a new house ?but i was so exhausted with everything...:).Your living room its so cozy. You did a great job there :) can wait to see more pics. I ll put some of my new house too.

    kiss kiss