Friday, 4 February 2011

Happy Friday....

It is so easy to take the small things in life for granted but we really shouldn't! I thought I would start a new feature on my blog to share some of the things I have enjoyed or been inspired by throughout the week (or indeed, things that I am looking forwards to!).

So we'll start off with my favourite thing to do at the moment, charity shop shopping....

I got the above items on a trip to the charity shops with my mum this morning. The scarf will be perfect for the spring and I just couldn't leave the kitten cup and saucer set. I'll probably give the CD to my husband, it is more his 'kind of thing'! haha!

Black Veil Brides & Murderdolls....

Tomorrow night i'm off to see these two bands tomorrow night and I am beyond excited! It feels like we got tickets such a long time ago and I have been waiting and waiting and waiting....! Hurry up tomorrow!

Meals out and trips to the Peak District

I love finding new places to eat, especially when it involves a trip out in to the Peak District! On a day off recently we tried The Peaks Inn in Castleton, I very much recommend it. Huge portions and lovely food!

Spring flowers....

Daffodils are hugely underrated! Such a simple flower but so beautiful. Ben bought me these the other day and I love them.


One of the best Disney movies ever, ever, ever! I was completely blown away by the lantern scene and can't wait to see it again!

Cheap jewellery....

I never normally shop in Primark but once in a while I'll go in and accidentally fill a basket with their horrendously cheap jewellery. I'm in love with the snake bangle and their seahorse/starfish jewellery is so cute! It'll all fall to bits in a few weeks but it is pretty while it lasts!


  1. I love charity shopping. Although, I've banned myself until I read all the books I've bought from various ones in the past. Corr, that food looks so good. In really good sized portions too! You don't see that these days, haha. I adore Daffodils. They're so understated and remind me that there's reason to smile. I haven't seen Tangled yet but I really want to. It looks stunning! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Daffodils are everywhere in Wales all the time so I take them for granted but they are lovely, especially the mini ones and they come in a few diff colour variations too.
    I keep on buying more books from charity shops and my house is over run with them!
    Have a fab weekend xx

  3. Love this new feature! Makes me smile :) I love that kitten cup and saucer! x

  4. Fab cup and saucer!
    Nice to see your appreciating things too.
    Did you take photography any further?
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.. Em x

  5. I adore the kitten cup and saucer set, such a lovely find. I really like the starfish jewellery, I would be quite tempted to buy it just for the lovely charms :)x

  6. So many wonderful things to appreciate!

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xx

  7. Oooh yes I def want to go to Primark soon for some jewelry! Charity shop bargains are great! I love daffodils too - can't wait till they are in bloom everywhere :)

  8. That kitten cup and saucer are so sweet and those bands kick ass!
    I've inherited some of that snake jewellery from my Mum, it was massive in the 1980's. xxx

  9. You are so right. I apprecaite lots of things now that I used to take for graned. I live in the Czech Republic now and I rella miss ll the bargains I found in charity shops. I used to find Monsoon clothing for a pound and brand new paperbacks, things like that. The Czech Republic secondhand suff is expensive in comparison.
    Also, no Primarni. But we do hve Prgue and I am close to cities like Vienna, so it is good in los of other ways.
    Tatty bye, I am going to appreciate a lovely cupp now. Enjoy your weekend. I am a new follower and I am loving your blog,

  10. Great post and a fab blog idea. Those chips look scrummy. I have not seen Tangled I shall add it to my watch list xx

  11. I LOVE the scarf, the pattern really makes me feel happy :)
    I have been rummaging at a jumble sale today and found some fun and bright bedsheets that are destined to be cut up and re born into something post coming later today!
    Oh I am a new follower and I love your blog!

  12. Aww such a lovely feature! Daffodils are beautiful, they remind me of the spring time, so bright and simple. xoxo

  13. I really like this post idea :) Will try and remember that pub, planning on going to Castleton on my Birthday! xx

  14. i <3 that snake bangle!!!!!!!!!! i wish we had primark here too :(

  15. Lovely idea for a series of posts :) I love mooching around in charity shops too, you never know what you'll find! And isn't it lovely to see the spring flowers beginning to poke their heads above ground again, that always makes me so happy.

  16. I used to visit a lot of charity shops when I was in melbourne and I love the dishwares XD Those ones with vintage drawings and flowers are the best!

    p/s: The daffodil cheers up my day anytime! :D