Thursday, 2 December 2010

Blue hair, patchwork & Christmas trees....

It is funny how life comes to a standstill as soon as snow hits the ground here in the UK! If you know me, on my days off I love to be out and about doing things but as the car is completely buried and the buses are off.... it isn't happening! Still, it gives me chance to catch up on things around the house and take walks around my neighbourhood (something we rarely do!).

Firstly I wanted to share a picture of my new hair colour, which I really really love! I used Directions hair dye (as always) in Turquoise and Flamingo Pink which were mixed together to create this lovely purple at the front. I would love to have this all over but might just do the other side too and see how it goes. (I apologise that I have absolutely no makeup on and I am in my pyjamas in this pic.... it was very late!)

We took a walk around my neighbourhood today to take some pictures of the snow and to get some fresh air. Here is my hubby (wearing my gloves!) up to his knees in the snow.... it really is that deep!

The roads and buildings look so pretty in the snow....

The past few nights have been spent decorating the house for Christmas. We like to get it done early so that we can enjoy it for the whole month! Below is the tree in our bedroom, decorated with decorations from our many trips to Disneyland and from car boot sales/charity shops.

And this is the dining room tree, which is also where I do all my work until we buy a house! I bought the polar bear plush last week (couldn't resist it!) and think it looks great as a tree guardsman! You can buy your own here on etsy.

And finally! This afternoon I have been cutting lots and lots of hexagons from my fabric stash and getting them ready to make some cushions. I'm really loving bright colours at the moment!

How have you guys been spending your snow days? Wrapped up warm at home or braving it to work? Let me know!


  1. The cushions are going to look amazing! beautiful snow pictures

  2. Haven't had any snow where I am yet! These pictures are really beautiful. You almost forget how cold it is.

  3. Ohh my goodness. I thought snow my end was bad but it's not quite knee deep yet! Love the hair colours though :) xxx

  4. Love the patchwork and that lovely pink tree! Knee-deep snow? Wow! we've had a fair but not not as much as that, thank goodness! Fab hair. xxx

  5. wow knee deep on your man- crikey you have had alotta snow...we've only had an inch if that, now it has all melted away...beautiful images of the building around where you live. Also love your pretty home and christmas trees ;0)x

  6. Great to see someone else with their decorations up already. I was wondering if it was too early to put the tree up, but I agree it's nice to enjoy them for awhile.
    Love the hexagons, the cushions are going to look great.

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  8. Oh my goodness, it really is deep, deep snow!! We've had the same, it's really beautiful but absolutely crazy the way life just shuts down. I haven't been in work or college since last Wednesday though, that's kind of fun :D Gorgeous new hair colour by the way!

  9. The snow was so deep wasn't it? We couldn't go out in the car for three days...crazy!
    Love your Xmas trees,very pretty.Will get our decs up next week.Love your hexagons..gorgeous fabrics!
    Hope you'll be able to get out and about soon.

  10. Wow you've had such a lot of snow! It looks amazing! We had about an inch or so, which was enough to create an icerink in the road ;-( It's so much better when there's full on snow like you've got and easier to go out and enjoy the snow too.
    I love your hair, amazing colours! And the patchwork is beautiful. And so great to hear you're already decked out for Christmas! We've put up outside lights, wreath and a few little decs indoors but the tree will arrive at the end of the week - yippeeee!
    D x

  11. I've got a new pink tree for my bedroom this year which is sitting on my bedside table, I made Hello Kitty decorations for it. :)
    I am absolutely loving your hair- it looks amazing.
    Right now I'm avoiding the snow as much as possible because I don't feel very well, so I'm staying wrapped up in the warm.

    Florrie x

  12. he's kneeling down right? No way is the snow that deep.. crazy!

    I'm loving your hair, so pretty! Did you have to dye it blonde first?

  13. Emma Jade: nope, he's not kneeling down at all! Yep, I had to bleach it first as my hair has so many years of brown and black dye on it! x

  14. Love your hair!!!!!If you dont have a work the best place to spend your time i think its home and thats what i do right now ;)

  15. ohhhhh i forgot your pink treeeee is so beautifulllll!!!!!!

  16. I adore your new hair colour, it looks great on you!