Friday, 15 October 2010

Beyond Limits....

Last Sunday we went to Chatsworth to see Beyond Limits, their annual contemporary sculpture exhibition. It was a beautiful day and I got a bit snap happy with my camera so I thought I would share a few photographs from the day....

The sculptures are dotted all over the garden and we had loads of fun finding them all using the map we were given. It is like a treasure hunt for very expensive art.... apparently the prices start at £100,000!
It is also a fantastic way to explore the garden at the same time, at this time of year there is so much colour and life :)

There are lots more photographs over at
my flickr!


  1. You cant beat a trip to Chatsworth at any time! Its such a great place - we are lucky to live so near. xx

  2. Such lovely photographs, sounds like a truly beautiful day xx

  3. I've never been which is dreadful considering how close I live to Derbyshire. It looks a fab exhibition, if a tad out of my price range. xxx